I have Viki Pass, so why do I still see ads?

I’m sorry to come in on this but Viki has closed itself off from the public very nicely so I have to ask here. Why, am I seeing ads after paying 49 dollars for no ads, and, On the movie Defendant, at episode 15 its telling me I need Viki Pass to continue watching… Hello!! I have a subscription… Why do I feel ripped off??

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Please see the below help article:

Make sure you’ve cleared your browser cache or logged out (and back in) on your account. If you’re still having troubles, be sure to contact Support.

Also, make sure your avatar is showing in the top right hand corner of the page. For some strange reason, sometimes my login doesn’t automatically load…even though the cookies are there. Even if it shows, try logging in again if it will let you. This has fixed it for me.

Email to qc@viki.com
Or contact @anon20195650