I just received my cute gift from Viki yay ^_^ (there is a picture)

Toddy i received my gift from Viki , it was a big surprise for me
thank you Viki ,cutest things will help me to do more in the future <3

keychain/whistle/some kind of light ? (the red one )
3 stickers


I also received it!!¨

Thank you Viki :slight_smile:

I received mine too earlier this week. The bag is just the cutest.

A BIG THANK YOU :smiley: we are so happy

i know when i saw the totebag i just said cuuuuuuute i love it <3 and the keychain/whistle is like a toy for me (to annoy my sister xD )
and the stickers i just put one on my WD hard disk

Anyone else got a different bag?

and anyone got the bag and the thank you card at different times? I got my bag beginning of october and the thank you card two weeks ago.

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●꒡ ̫ ꒡● I can wait, I guess…
Y’all are so lucky. Enjoy it!

@lindagirl I heard some others received that bag too.

I guess some stuff is random in the QC gift… I didn’t receive the keychain but a ballpoint, mobile screen cleaner and 3 Viki stickers along with the bag in the first photo.

Same here. I got the bag about 2 months ago, and then a thank you card and pen came later.

I received Viki’s gift last week around Wednesday or Thursday…and I received the same gifts as @bluei

If someone received something different, post it…if you want, of course. I’m just too curious >///<

me too i want to see xD

thank you i hope yours come soon too

i didn’t know there is a different bag ! i thought we all the same but maybe you received it in October and mine in December ?

I got the same as @bluei : D I was so excited to get a present x)
So happy now, that it arrived
(it arrived about last week…didn’t know there already was a thread x))

Thanks so much Viki!!! I got really motivated again : D
It made my day xD

I’m really curious about other gifts, too!!! So please post everyone!!
I know there are more QCs than that!! ; )

Hey everyone, these are the gift’s I received so far. However, only the ones in the center are the QC gifts (a bag, 3 stickers, a flashlight and a thank you letter).

The shirts, autograph and mask are from other contests and programs.

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Me too. :slight_smile:

i was so happy too and as you said it’s really motivated me to do my best in the future .

and for other LET US SEE YOUR GIFTS :smiley:

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you are lucky :smiley: i love your shirts

I got my gifts last week. ^.^ They’re really cute. - Thank you Viki! <3