I need romance (season 1)

I Need Romance is this amazing K-drama that was actually only subbed on viki up until episode 9 and then no more subs because it wasn’t segmented, but now that it has been fully segmented as I noticed, no one is actually working on the subs:(
So i decided to write this post as a reminder for this drama and to get some Korean-English translators to actually contact the channel staff for permission to work on it.
I really hope some people will volunteer soon.
I can’t wait to watch the rest of it.^^
Anyone else agrees with me?


Agree 100% I also waiting for english subs.

I basically just subbed 3/4 of I need romance ep 9 from korean to english all by myself, and I’m wondering where all the other subbers have gone…

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It’s like they all forgot about the drama:( I really can’t wait for the rest to be subbed!

Strange… I thought I saw this series on Viki before totally subbed but I must be mistaken because not every episode is segged (so those can’t be subbed) humz.

I’ve segged and subbed a beastly amount of a project alone before. I totally feel your pain!

I don’t know much Korean but I support anyone who volunteers to do that! I’ll even start watching the drama. It was hard for me to sub a film knowing that no one was really watching it. I didn’t have help either so I lost motivation.

It is a veryy good drama I think many will actually watch it we just need the rest of the subs:(

Yeah exactly but I think now they’ve been segged so…