I Need Romance Season 3

Alguien sabe si ya se envió la solicitud de canal para este drama a viki? Es que me parece raro que no aparezca cuando lo busco, siendo un drama tan popular…

Does anyone know if someone submitted a request for a channel for this drama? It’s seems weird that such a popular drama doesn’t have a channel yet… I can’t find it…

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I’m pretty sure I saw it on someone’s profile…but I forget who.

Bkiss is the Channel Manager of I Need Romance 3. I’m on her team already =)


The channel would not be searchable by public before the license is announced and official.

Ohhhh!! I see… Thanks for the information!!! :smile:

This is a drama I am looking forward to. Season 2 was awesome so I am expecting a better story/plot in season 3

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Amy you are in the team? It would be such a big reveal to find out who we are working with when the channel finally appears on viki

LOL Chizzy, I’m just a little segger there. Nothing more.


Wahh! I’m excited for it. It better be a fun, quirky kind of romcom~
I already love the cast, though I wouldn’t have thought up Kim So Yun + Sung Joon; curious to see how it works out :3

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Yo también estaba buscando este drama…y cuando lo abro, sale como que no existe…I don’t understand why!

Hi Amy, I’m on her team too. : smile:

I don’t know when it’s beginning, but like Amy said, for some channel would not be searchable by the public before the license is announced and officially.

Supongo que lo tienen escondido hasta que obtengan la licencia. Pasó lo mismo con Reply 1994.

Síiii…al principio también lo busqué y nada de nada…bueno creo que tendremos que esperar por la licencia…

The lead actor and lead actress look good together…quite a surprise since they have a huge age gap.

Kim SoYeon looks so good with long hair…she should STOP cutting it short!

LOL. its a good thing you are a segger there. Thanks~

I love this actress!!! In IRIS, she was so beautiful and good!

For me, Sung Joon is the most interesting actor of the actor-model group (Lee Soo Hyuk, Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Jong Suk, Hong Jong Hyun)) because his characters are really different! So I’m curious to see him in this drama!

Hi Amy^^
I didn’t know this was here. I really hope viki gets this. The team is ready to go and I can’t wait to work with
you all again.

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Hi fellow team members for I Need Romance 3
So nice to have a ‘sneak peek’ of people who are also on the team when the channel is still hidden.


you are right.I love the drama roles he takes on…besides, he is HOT and his VOICE…AHH!..i can’t!

Hello bkiss!! I want to ask you… Who is the Spanish Manager??? I want to be part of the team!! :slight_smile: Thanks!

:open_mouth: sí yo también… estaré al pendiente para saberlo…