I need to watch something light and funny. Suggestions?

I watched BOF the other day and just cracked up at the tracksuit reference in the drama “remakes” in those daydreams.

I’ve been thinking about it… it’s really hard to follow up with a sweet/funny/great kisses/romance drama. . . soooo
Here are three dramas you haven’t watched but are good . . . (And they have some of the characteristic described above)

Arang and the Magistrate - I adore Lee Joon Gi.
The Greatest love - There is something about this drama that left me grinning at the screen like a moron.
My Name is Kim Sam Soon - I consider this to be a classic in the world of dramas. Worth watching .

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Cool. At least Arang’s on my “to watch” list for sure. I think I was just staying away from the sageuks for now, because I was trying to apply my korean vocab to the dramas i currently watch. it’s already a bit overwhelming to learn the written/spoken formal/informal versions. That’s already more than I’ve ever learned in any other language. If I were to add “archaic” to each of those categories, my head might split. LOL.

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One of the fluffiest dramas I remember seeing (that comes to mind) is Queen Inhyun’s man - sweet, non drama -> really fluffy (for a lack of another word to describe it)
I guess Skip Beat t-version also fits that description, light and funny- though the dubbing of SJ members might piss you off ^^

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what’s this mean?

Skip Beat was soo bad but maybe I had to high expectations because it is one of my favorite manga series. Donghae and Siwon did a good job but those voice overs where annoying. There was even a scandal about it at that time…LOL

Good Point. I don’t remember that being to much of a problem… but then again I wasn’t studying as hard as I am right now.

Regardless, I really enjoyed it and you’ll get to learn “사또!”. . . As it is said at least 100 times an episode.

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SJ members dubbing = meaning the voice being dubbed of the Super Junior Members - Siwon and Donghae - probably because their chinese wasn’t awesome, but it does kinda annoy you that it’s not even that good, the dubbing

I kind of agree with you, but I guess that I just loved the anime and manga so much that I tried my very best not to let it get to me - Donghae and Siwon fit their roles perfectly - and the girl character was okay, not awesome, but okay, I just wanted to see the show I love so much acted out (I really want korea to make a version of it)

Those are very good, I could say must watch, and also don’t miss Witch Amusement, Goong, Flower Boy next door and You’re all surrounded.

TvN’s High School King of Savvy which replaced Witch’s Romance is a nice, fun and light comedy. I am enjoying this drama very much.

Thanks for the awesome suggestions, everyone!!! Some I’d already watched, but there were enough options here to really get me out of that dark k-drama place I’d been residing. ^^

Loved your choice!

My current detox from heavy weights is “Marriage not dating” I’m loving it.


also loving Marriage not dating. She is such a hot mess, I love her!

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Ahhh… you reminded me my rotfl moments from “Kim Sam Soon”:

  1. The scene in the loo without toilet roll.
  2. When the mother gives him the dog back and says: “You are lucky we didn’t eat it”
  3. The so much imitated karaoke song with Bin’s tie on the forehead.
  4. The fight on the grass. Daebak!
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Hahha! oh yes, good drama memories.

I would recommend Panda and Hedgehog, My Princess and Lie to Me.

Lucky romance~~ :slight_smile: …they are adorable and cheeziness overloaded

Rooftop Prince is funny
The Happy Life movie
Take Off 2 movie
Little Black Dress movie