I need to watch something light and funny. Suggestions?

I realized that I’ve been watching some “loaded” shows this year. Angel Eyes, Doctor Stranger, Secret Love Affair… I’ve been taking that deep, heavy stuff in too much. Now I’m craving something like Witch’s Romance–cute, funny, lighthearted (and of course, if it has an Asian hunk with a gorgeous smile taking his shirt off and giving real hugs “soul” [cough] stirring kisses, all the better). If you have some suggestions, please let me know. I like to laugh, but slapstick would be taking it too far. I guess it’s okay to recommend other languages, but I’m in the mood for k-dramas right now. Thanks for your input.

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At the moment I’m really into “Fabulous 30”. It hast a lot of funny scenes/moments, a guy I would consider handsome and some “real kissing” going on :wink: Of course there are some conflicts, since otherwise there wouldn’t be a story, but I don’t think they are as intense as the ones in “Doctor Stranger”. They are more like everyday problems, that people can encounter in their lives.
The show has 76 Episodes with around 48 minutes each, which was a bit intimidating for me in the beginning, since I tend to lose interest after like 14 episodes and move on to the next drama, coming back only occasionally to watch an ep and finish the drama. But this one really keeps my interest and I watch at least one or two episodes a day. It is not fully subbed yet (around half of it), but it has a highly active team, which is working on completing the english subs.

cool. thanks for the suggestion. i tend to steer away from long dramas, too, but i’ll consider it

A few suggestions:

  • Oh! Boy series (Flowerboy Ramyun shop, Flowerboy next door, Shut Up flower band)
  • Monstar
  • You’re Beautufull
  • Personal Taste
  • Big
  • Secret Garden
  • My girlfriend is a gumiho
  • Rooftop Prince
  • Cheongdamdong Alice
  • Coffee Prince
  • The Greatest Love
  • Emergency Couple
  • I Need Romance 1,2,3
  • Let’s Eat
  • Protect The Boss

All of them are on Viki or where on Viki in the past.


Do you have a dramalist? (Mydramalist.com ) that way I can see what you’ve already seen?

Flower boy Raymun shop - This is one my top 5, quirky, sweet… I loved it.
Queen In Hyuns man - great chemistry
I need Romance (1,2 or 3) - More mature than the average drama.

It Started with a Kiss & They Kiss again - Great kisses!
Just You - Aaron Yan and I thought great Chemistry with Puff

Switch girl - not a lot of romance, but Light and fluffy. Also, It’s like watching a live action Anime, so if you don’t like that style skip it


I do have a dramalist. Check it out, cause I’ve watched all the k-dramas you listed.

Many dramas have at some point at least one sad moment… but…
I think Grandpas Over Flowers Investigation Team is quite funny… but I’m not sure if you’re really looking for comedy (though it’s more like comedy/detective) or just something that’s not ehm… heavy.
I think God’s Quiz is really nice too. (maybe you know it) it’s not really comedy but has funny moments and I guess you could count (at least most of it) as ‘light and funny’.
I hope that helps a bit >_<

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Ahh! you have! wow. okay PM a link to your list.

Well, I don’t know what dramas you’ve watched but I hope these ones are not on your dramalist :slight_smile:

I’m currently watching Flower grandpa investigation unit and I looove it, it makes me laugh a lot, it’s really funny and the story is good, I also enjoy watching the cute grandpas doing cute things lol they are so awww :3

If you want comedy, action, drama and a great storyline and characters I’d recommend History of the salaryman this drama is not a normal drama, like really, not normal at all and it’s hilarious :slight_smile:

Full house (Thai version) This drama has it all! I truly love it… Actually it is my favorite Asian drama so far. I know it’s not Korean but you could give it a try I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the characters and situations and everything in this drama lol. It has comedy but also conflicts and GREAT chemistry. If you PM me I can tell you where to watch it in HD :slight_smile:

I have a lot more to recommend but I don’t really know which ones you’ve already watched I can tell you a few more if you PM me your dramalist so I can see what dramas you’ve already watched. :slight_smile: but anyways… :smiley: Good luck with your drama hunting!!

How about All About My Romance and Miss Korea? Have you watched those?

Something light and now airing is
GLORIOUS DAY licensed at Viki not all regions though
HIGH SCHOOL KING only aired 2 eps but looks promissing
but you might not be able to watch it at Viki

The rest is at Viki
A movie perhaps?
From Japan - BUNNY DROP

Lakorn re-make of FULL HOUSE

K-Drama special

I am someone who needs to balance my drama intake as well, more funny less dramatic.
Have fun^^

Glorious Day… That’s the one to watch now.

oh! I loved bunny drop :slight_smile:

I doubt you haven’t watched any of these but I would recommend :

  • Let’s Eat
  • Playful Kiss
  • Panda and Hedgehog
  • To the Beautiful You
  • Hope for Dating

Let’s Eat

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Actually, I’ve seen Miss Korea, but not All About My Romance. I’ll add it to ones to check out :slight_smile:

I would also really reccommend Full House (Thai), that drama is really good and funny and the chemistry between the characters is really good, too.


Cool. Thanks.

Manny!!! It is so light and cute!! It’s not my favorite, but it definitely fits what you might be looking for :smiley:

Secret Garden? it gets kinda heavy towards the end in my opinion. It’s one of my top 5 favorite dramas, though. I’ve watched it so many times. I LOVE Hyun Bin!!! <3