I think i ran out of dramas to watch?!?! help!


Espero ter ajudado!

Deals with time travel, and at the end reincarnation!!
Has comedy and humor. It talks about the constellations!

The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love (Moonshine and Valentine)
His lover is reincarnated over and over again! Really great and amazing.

Somehow 18 is pretty amazing!
Has amazing humor and time travel.


Maybe go back a bit.
City Hall
Autumn’s Concerto
Dalja’s Spring
Bridal Mask
Inspiring Generation
The King 2 Hearts
And omg the show that gets referenced more than any other and so many fan’s favorite guilty pleasure


Empress Ki


Princess Weiyoung was one of my first cdramas in this year so yes this drama is a hit!


to be sure you haven’t watched all of these dram,as on Viki? theres a bunch on Netflix , Korean & chinese


Oh My Venus
Secret Garden
sungkyunkwan Scandal
my name is kim sam soon
creating destiny
the greatest love
lie to me
secret agent miss oh
finding mr destiny(movie)
haeundae lovers
princess prosecutor
spy myungwol
you’re all surrounded

cdrama twdrama
i will never let you go
i cannot hug you season 2 (if you haven’t watched it yet)
oh my general
Cinderella chef
The eternal love
our glamorous times
perfect couple
hello dear ancestors
proud of love (1&2)
attention, love
just you
inborn pair (84 ep’s)
drunken to love you
love and π
love myself or you
accidentally in love
meteor garden (newest version)
the big boss( 1 & 2)
master devil do not kiss me (1-3)
fox in the screen
just one smile is very alluring (movie and drama)
love through a millennium
boss and me
someone like you
go single lady/my pig lady
love around
sunshine angel
invincible shan bao mei
it started with a kiss (season 1) and they kiss again(season 2)
when a snail falls in love
love me if you dare
bu bu jing xin (scarlet heart)(startling by each step)
best time
lan ling wang
jade palace lock heart

love in disguise (2010)
monster hunt 2
mr. pride vs mrs. prodigious
so i married an anti fan
oh my god
fall in love like a star
bride wars
up in the wind
fashion king
the huntress
baby and me
perfect imperfection


If you liked The Kings woman and Zhang Bin Bin you’ll probably like:


There is Orange Marmalade(Bonus it has vampires) and Hello Dear Ancestors (This one is more of a time travel but there are undertones, but it does not focus on reincarnation as a whole) , Scarlet heart.(This one is amazing, the Korean Version only has one season, but the Chinese version has two seasons, both dealing with reincarnation and time travel, I love it, but personally not my type of flow ect, but give it a chance it is pretty amazing!) Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter this was is all about reincarnation, it is pretty damn amazing! I Cannot Hug You is pretty amazing! It has vampires, but not the traditional one, while watching the main lead is kind bratty? but she does evolve as the series goes on, so if you give it chance, it does get better, and it has an amazing concept, and to me I found the romance, and comedy just very good, and the guy lead is an amazing actor, this drama is on my top 10. The show The Love Knot: His Excellencys First Love (Moonshine and Valentine) is really great! it deals with reincarnation of his lover over and over again. It is also a fantasy! The ending is a great plot twist! Somehow 18 is also really amazing, deals with time travel.
Oh! My Emperor is by far my favorite on the list. It deals with time travel and minor reincarnation(The last episode). All in all this one is the best one on the list in my opinion! It is kind of childsih, but a great drama if you are looking for something with a lot of humor, love, romance and all around family undertones. It has fantasy and adventure, and some really amazing actors and the twist at the end it just beautifully made. It did not feel as if they threw something at the very last moment, but that is my personal opinion, but IT IS AMAZING! Gu Family book! Is also amazing! The only thing I did not like was the ending seemed sloppy and just like it was thrown in at the last moment. I feel as if they should have made another video afterwards but that is me personally. It is really great tho, a lot of great characters and will pull at your heart strings, but also make you feel like “what the hell were they thinking” 10 out 10. Shopping King Louie ok this on is AMAZING, PERFECT, and all in all great comedy and acting. Clean with passion for now really good, great acting and great story-line and 10 out of 10, a hilariously made. Beauty inside No words can define how much I love this drama. Great concept, and at some parts will make you wish you could just hug him/her and then make you just smile. Worth the watch. Splash Splash Love is pretty good, short, sweet and simple.

*Most of the dramas deal with fantasy, time travel and reincarnation, reason being to me I am more of a fantasy, sci fy and comedy fantasy type person.

The more serious dramas, mainly dealing with vampires.
Vampire flower ok this one was not horrible?? but if you like twilight this is perfect, if you are like me that hates twilight then you will not like this, but the acting is not bad per say. It it is at least better then twilight.
Love in time again ok, not bad personally not on my top 10 but it is what ever like it has great plot.
Blood is just amazing, no words can describe it, it has thrilling concepts and a whole originality type thing, to me some parts like ok we seen this before over and over, but with most dramas it is bound to happen. Most korean dramas can seem to overlap (Most don’t but some do).
The Scholar Who Walks the Night No words, just amazing. ACTING WISE is amazing, they picked the right people.
Vampire Detective It is a great drama, if you are looking for something that is good but easily figured out, not a complex drama but it will do. Pretty good.
The journey Pretty good, I really don’t have anything to say, but there is a lot of fighting and acting is good.


The current kdramas r good n all, but y’all r sleeping on the old skool kdramas!
Top favs of old school kdrama:
Autumn In My Heart(2000)
Rustic Period(2002)
Winter Sonata(2002)
Attic Cat(2003)
All In(2003)
Love Story In Harvard(2004)
The 5th Republic(2005)


Impossible! There are so many that I won’t be able to watch everything I want to watch before I kick the bucket! :sunglasses:



True Beauty


Live On

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Record Of Youth

Run On

Start Up

One Spring Night

Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Accidentally In Love

Best Mistake

My First First Love

Love Alarm(1st season)

Crash Landing On You

School 2017

He Is Psychometric


Love Alarm(2nd season)


Extraordinary You

My Secret Romance



Loved “My Golden Life” recently. Shin Hye-sun was incredible as was Park Si-hoo.

She was Pretty is great with Hwang Jung-eum.


Forgot about Mr Queen also with Shin Hye-sun. That show is a great romantic comedy with a lot of drama also.