I think i ran out of dramas to watch?!?! help!

oml so ive been searching for DAYSSSSSS and i cant find a kdrama/cdrama to watch. ive even started exploring some thai dramas! i really like lighthearted dramas that are cute and sweet with good looking actors. But im totally okay with watching action dramas. right now, i just desperately need something to watch so please let me know ur recommendations!!! (i prefer kdramas and cdramas over thai lakorns) here is a list of the dramas ive already watched below:


Kill me Heal me
My Love from the Star
Descendants of the Sun
You Who are Beautiful
Dr. Romantic Teacher Kim
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
City Hunter
Legend of the Blue Sea
Doctor Crush
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Goryeo
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo
W: Two Worlds Connected
Suspicious Partner
Lovely Love Lie
My Secret Romance
Moonlight Drawn By Clouds
Ruler: Master of the Mask
Bride of Haebak
Boys over Flowers
Moon Embracing the Sun
Master’s Sun
Bring it on Ghost
7 First Kisses
Revolutionary Love
Gu Family Book
While You Were sleeping
Drinking Solo
I’m Not A Robot
Longing Heart
My Sassy Girl

Train to Busan

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms
Memory Lost
King’s Woman
Tribes and Empires
I Cannot Hug You
Fighter of Destiny
Love 020

Thai Dramas:
Soot Sai Paan
Kleun Cheewit

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‘Just between Lovers’ is a must see. ‘Chicago Typewriter’ I loved. ‘Close your Eyes’ is a C/drama also very good.

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That Winter, The Wind Blows, Oh My Ghostess, Mask, Heartless City, Falling for Innocence. Cdrama The Eternal Love was very funny

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A Love so Beautiful


Because of Meeting you


Princess Weiyoung

Boss and Me

Lion Pride


Battle of Changsha


Long for you

Attention Love


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If you’re willing to expand your search to include JDramas, I can recommend a couple to you. The first is “Rebound,” which is lighthearted, and definitely “sweet” in more ways than one! You also might find “You’re My Pet” to your liking.


you are missing out on a lot of good dramas

Healer (romcom with Ji Chang Wook <333)
Empress Ki
Signal (detective thriller)
Tunnel (detective thriller)
Six Flying Dragons (historical thriller, this one has no romance just fyi)
Tree with Deep Roots ( another historical thriller, it does have a love line but not enough romance)
It’s Okay the is Love (give this a try, it is good)
Secret Garden (guilty pleasure)
Coffee Prince ( a classic romcom but maybe it is a bit too old compare to more current dramas. A must if you like Gong Yoo)
Rooftop Prince (funny)
Queen In Hyun’s Man (an all time favorite)
Something about 1 %
Falling for Innocence
King2 Hearts (guilty pleasure bc I like both leads)
Marriage, Not Dating
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
I Hear your Voice (another all time favorite)

Boss and Me ( my favorite modern cdrama, it is the BEST romcom, same writer as Love O2O)
Legend of LuZhen/Female Prime Minister (the otp has crazy chemistry)
Battle of Changsha ( war, romance, and family. It is a really good drama. I didn’t think I was going to like it because of the war backdrop, but each character is so well written and acted and I ended up loving it)
Scarlet Heart (the original and by far the best)
The Journey of Flower (xianxia)
My Sunshine (same writer as Love O2O and Boss & Me but this one is a bit darker than the other two)
Cuo Dian Yuan Yang ( romance, ancient times, revenge)
Novoland Castle in the Sky ( xiaxia, but mainly I was weak to the awesome visuals of the male lead)
The Mystic Nine ( tomb robbing aka Indiana Jones with a bossy romantic interest)
The Eternal Love (silly ancient romcom)
Nirvana in Fire ( the best, but it could be too serious for you and it has very little romance)

Some FMV of my favorite dramas on this list (or my favorite otps :wink: )

Boss & Me

The Journey of Flower

Empress Ki

My Sunshine

Legend of LuZhen

I Can Hear Your Voice

Scarlet Heart


Your favorite “the lighthearted”:


Or “action”:



I loved my pet japanese version too.

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My 2 cents :slight_smile:

Ms Temper & Nam Jung Gi, more for the mature comic and woman power drama
Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet, KMovie, during Japanese collony
ASSEMBLY, legal and political drama, really good.
BAEK HEE HAS RETURNED, short drama 4 eps, food for the thought, family/youth
Another Oh Hae Young, romance drama, many kisses :wink:
Sungkyunkwan Scandal, historical, girl dresses as a male student, very good.
Madame Antoine, Rom/Com
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, a classic with Hyun Bin, perhaps a bit Korean Bridget’s Diary
King of High School, KMovie, youth/inspirational
TAKE OFF2, KMovie, based on a real story of women’s hockey team
Secret Agent Miss Oh, about police woman, comedy/rom

There are so many good one’s even movies, use the Explore page :+1:

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Aaaah! How can you say that? You still haven’t watched some of my very favourites!

Queen In Hyeon’s Man
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
Another Oh Hae Young
Ms.Temper and Nam Jung Gi
It’s OK, that’s love
Discovery of Love
I need Romance 3
Madame Antoine

Less light-hearted but masterpieces you will remember for a long time
Secret Love Affair

Excellent if you love classical music
Beethoven Virus


If you’re tired of the same formula, then you need to watch this:


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will check it out thanks for sharing!

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That’s really a long list. Since when have you been watching dramas?

I know you were not referring to me, but most of us, even if we have been watching for just a couple of years, have watched an impressive number of dramas.
It’s been less than three years for me, and I think my watched list must be over 140 Korean dramas alone (you can add to this Korean films and Drama Specials). Not to mention a handful of Japanese and a couple of Chineseand Taiwanese ones (the Chinese and Taiwanese mostly unfinished).


How about the Taiwanese drama “Attention, Love!” ?

I in my opinion really like it…

Story: Shao Xi, a really though 17 years old High School Student from Taipeh has a really stressfull life. Everything chaned after she was in a fight with KPop-fans from the neighbor school. Since than people called her “brother” or “Mister” and she didn’t realy liked it cause they all thought she was someone to not mess around with but even of all of this she is allways a hot topic to talk about. Than there is the problem with her parents. Her father who dresses up like if he was the boss of the mafia and her mother who dresses up like if she was just an love afair. Than there was the last will of her great-grandpfather who died many many years ago before she was born who said that his last will is that Shao Xi has to marry the son of the good friend of her father. This made her parents forbiting her to hang around with other guys even as she was a kid and they even forbite her to talk to boys. Her parents even said that this boy was her “fiance”. Than all of sudden her parents told her that her “fiance” that she never saw in her life, who lived in Japan is comming back to Taiwan and will live at her house. at first she don’t really liked that he is living at her house…


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Wanted is an action drama that I really enjoyed. The ending was really good.

Currently, I’m watching Mother. It starts off on a very depressing note and deals with a difficult subject, so it’s not for the faint of heart, but the cinematography is stunning, with great writing to boot! It’s still airing, so I can’t speak for the end, but it does get less depressing the more you watch.

Oh My Geum Bi is also a must-watch. It’s about a girl who’d been abandoned by her parents being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition. It’s not nearly as depressing as it sounds, and is actually really funny and enjoyable.

One of my most favorite kdramas of all time would be Manhole. This drama is considered one of the first kdramas I’ve watched since I only started watching kdramas last year. This drama has everything from comedy to romance to suspense, action, and somewhat of an adventure.

Another one of my most favorite kdramas is Fight My Way. Since you’ve watched Kill Me, Heal Me, you should know Seo Joon, or at least how he looks like. This drama shows that the main couple as tsunderes (people who seem like they don’t care and say things they don’t mean but they actually care a lot) and it’s really too cute to handle.

I definitely need to mention I am not a Robot because this drama is the definition of robot-human relationships. The story is so sweet and the acting is awesome. I mean I can never act as a robot and another person at the same time. I thank the main leads for all their hard work! <3

I can’t believe you haven’t watched Blood! It’s sci-fi and the male lead is cold-hearted and dense while the female lead is more fierce and straight-forward.

You should also watch Oh My Ghostess. As you can tell, this drama includes spiritual stuff. This is definitely for you if you’re in for a comedy!

Oh My Venus is hilarious and it’s the type of drama with secret identities. If you’re an E.L.F (Super Junior) then you would definitely find this drama funny with Henry in it.

If you’re a fan of medical dramas then watch Doctor Stranger. It’s a drama that takes you on an INTENSE emotional rollercoaster. It’s tragic but the romance it deep and Jong Suk has a really cute hairstyle in this one.

my goodness such lists! all of them so good, and I havent seen all of them either. I am rewatching the older ones as well so I will check this list today and start watching them, also if anyone is interested, Netflix also has a bunch of K dramas, cdramas, Indian dramas, my fave there is the doctor, anyway you can find a bunch of dramas there, some older and some newer, if you get the chance, see my love song, time travel there. I still need to watch the dramas on Viki that some of you mentioned,

My next one to watch sparrow. all of you have a great day!

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Lighthearted Kdramas but with deeper meaning plotwise:
Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim (one of my favorites)
Birth of a Beauty (lighthearted portrayal of a somewhat dark theme)
Please Come Back, Mister (another favorite)
Chief Kim (the business might throw you off - That said, the lighthearted humor is a big part of the plot)
Prison Playbook (quite deep but filled with humor, sadly not in Viki - the description is here)
Radio Romance (currently airing, will much likely be one of my favorites as well)

Lighthearted Kdramas (at least my definition):
My Unfortunate Boyfriend
Baby-Faced Beauty
Heartstrings (school drama, very lighthearted in my opinion)
Prosecutor Princess
Sassy Go Go (school drama)
A Witch’s Romance (yet another favorite)

Korean dramas mentioned by others:
Secret Garden (this is a must watch for kdrama fans, just like Master’s Sun)
Another Oh Hae Young (really af favorite)
Fated to Love You
Splash Splash Love (very short but sweet)
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (older classic kdrama)
Madame Antoine (I really loved this one, another favorite)
Oh My Venus (I personally wanted to drop it halfway, but I think you might like it, it’s very lighthearted)
Oh My Ghostess

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (Chinese drama - I questioned the whole thing… but it was quite funny and lighthearted)
You’re My Pet - Kimi Wa Petto (Japanese drama, remake of older Jdrama, lighthearted - there’s also a Korean movie version)

ive been watching for over 2 yrs now!