I think if viki is an excellent website that is based on Asian culture. Why not have a good selection of anime. As someone said in a comment. The old school anime. And of course not new. I would watch romantic anime


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Old school animes were just the best!!! Hopefully Viki will let us have them here one day!



I request this stuff on the daily :stuck_out_tongue:
Sailor Moon! My Neighbor Totoro!!!


Crunchyroll has a huge monopoly on anime, and everyone knows that if you want to watch anime, you go to crunchyroll. More companies are willing to give them licenses because of that.
If more people demand it from viki, I’m sure that they’ll be able to get some really good ones, old and new! :slight_smile:


Yes! This is a great suggestion! Would be an AMAZING move seeing as I live in China but my main language is English(the shows here are only subbed in Chinese)


I would like to watch sakura card captor or ranma 1/2! :3


I happen to like some anime - but here’s the rub, folks.

Hulu and other sites definitely offer anime. Matter of fact…that’s about the only Asian things left there. You can’t get a drama - what, 28 K Dramas and ONE C Drama? Seriously?

Netflix only carries MODERN Asian tv dramas…oh hey, they got Ice Fantasy. ONE wuxia series.

There are a LOT of places to watch anime, but not so much historical, wuxia, ANY dramas other than here and DF.

With respect, anime is not the thing most needed vs other sites a person may join or use.

And that’s coming from a Bleach and Naruto fan, by the way. :slight_smile: and someone who has heard the Inuyasha/Kagome yelling wayyy too many times. :slight_smile:

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I agree with you. Anime is a huge category, easily found elsewhere. Spending money, time and effort on them will take out necessary funds/time/effort for other things that are not so readily available elsewhere.


I am sorry y’all another one I havent seen this link, anyway I am learning about anime, and I really enjoy them. and of course from NF