I wanna hear your song

I happenchance came across this the other day, talking about a mystery, spellbound and all, this is the kind of drama I like! and some of this does seem familiar, like maybe in some other drama but thats ok too. its a great one to watch!! memories, girl thrown ibn a barn & locked in, etc.

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Yes! Completely agreeing with you. It’s surprisingly very, very good. Kim Sejong knows how to pick her roles, that’s for sure.

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Just finished it, wow what a drama! and the ending was awesome too!
now was there a drama kind of like this some years ago? sort of seems fami,liar in some of the drama. and maybe I am wrong.

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I thought the ending was utter crap.


Two tired k-drama clichés one on top of the other: Noble idiot and time gap without any contact.
Then he comes all cocky and confident, smiling and pinching her cheek patronizingly, with a background of funny music. What happened to the reasons that turned him noble idiot? Something changed and he decided that “naah, that was all BS, let’s go back again”? And she accepts him just like that?
I hated, hated this.
And the poor timpanist? Why did they give him such an ending, out of the blue?
And manager Yun, how did she manage to dodge the responsibility? Who was punished and how? What about the Chairwoman?

Extremely sloppy writing there.

I used to always think there wasn’t enough punishment when I first started watching K drama. The villains would do the most awful things to other people, kidnapping, assault, murder, bankrupting, framing for crimes, arranging for an organ transplant to someone else, etc. Very often the punishment for the evildoer was that he/sne either got rapid onset dementia or terminal cancer with no prior signs or symptoms – disease/illness as God’s punishment. Thankfully disease as punishment is not as popular a trophe now.
But still – so many threads in I Wanna Hear Your Song were left still knotted. Why did Chairman Jang get estranged from Wife, and two sons. Why did Mom leave with younger son but not older when they were both children? What happened to Mom-- did she die before Ian? What happened to Yi Yeong’s parents? Why didn’t Manager Yun, President Go, the Chairwomn all go to jail for embezzlement? Wnat happened to tne timpanist? Who did Yi Yeong actually like one year earlier? Lame crush story. What was supposed to be in the CD that Yun Yeong Gil left for Yi Yeong? How did the timpanist get estranged from his wife so that he was too timing her witn Manager Yun? Why did Yu Da spread malicious gossip all the time?


The mom was alive at the day of the Asian Philharmonic concert, one year ago. Yun saw her and he was cross, that’s why he didn’t go to the after-party and went straight home.
And Yi Yeong liked the assistant professor, that at least was clear.
All the rest… a big muddle.
They could have saved some time by not repeating the same flashbacks over and over again and explained some of these instead.
Manager Yun told the timpanist to go to the US but it’s not clear why he would follow that advice.
CEO Jang told Manager Yun to manage his new cultural center instead of going to jail. Does this imply that he has the power to make her avoid jail? All this is so upsetting.

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awww! I am crushed, hate to admit it, but y’all are right.

I did think the same thing, and yes the ending could have been better, a guy leave without a word, then come back trying to be lovey-dovey? you are right I don’t think so!! and yes the threads I don’t like loose threads, so whats up with that?
and that wimpy girl become a manager? and yes that guy timpanist, even if he had family in America, why couldn’t they have done a better ending for him,

ok ok, my wake up time! My excuse is I just didn’t look at the mess you described, so many wrong things there. didn’t care for flash backs either, just tore up what I thought a great drama. oh well

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I’m truly sorry to have ruined it for you in retrospect! Fact is, I also thought it was a great drama, until the last episodes. To be precise, until I saw her running in the mud with that knife in her hands. What do we always tell our kids? No running with pointy objects? Yes, where to put it? In the moment of panic it wasn’t easy to think of some place and she didn’t have her bag. BUT … but it was a freaking jackknife, it can be folded in one second. And
The show started to go from ridiculous to ridiculous from then on. The girl (most stupid character in a long time) not only once but TWICE stayed in the middle of the road looking at a car speeding towards her without moving. Like a deer or something. Plus, the car, the first time it was on purpose, the driver wanted to kill them. But the second car, it didn’t even try to use the brakes, it sped on.
Why do the writers underestimate our IQ? I understand that in k-drama you often have to suspend disbelief, up to a certain point, with all the coincidences etc. But when it’s too much, your enjoyment is marred.
And let me not start with this so-called psychologist. Fire her ASAP!

yeah that
psychologist, where did she get her degree??
I was wondering
about her too, and no problem, you just woke me up is all. and yes our IQ’s must be in the single digets!! thanks so much , really! for showing me that stuff, like I said, just need to watch more closly on these dramas!
thanks again for keeping me straight, Irmar.

hey did we mention the conductor? to me he wasn’t directing correctly, was a lazy movements on the music

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You should watch Beethoven Virus if it’s available in your region. The guy playing the conductor had lessons for six months, and at the press conference he actually conducted a short piece. Amazing job! And amazing drama.


haven’t watched that one yet, another one to watch!

Sooo many spoilers ahead…

I may have misinterpreted this, but I thought manager Yun made a deal with Kim Ian’s father to put all the blame for corruption and money laundering on Prof Kang.

I’m assuming the timpanist went to the US. Something about manager Yun implying she might be incarcerated and he probably knew too much, so he should destroy the physical evidence and escape to the US.

I was also very much put off by the ending. There was really no need for the one-year absence and all that drama. Like, nobody believes anymore that the OTP is not going to end up together after something like that. The ending slightly ruined what seems to be a very refreshing crime drama. And if it were me, I would have probably not spoken to him for at least a month, fearing all the angry crap I would say. They’re not teenagers to argue one day and make up the next. And he didn’t leave for a month, but a whole year. I thought Yi Yeong was going to say something like “It is insulting how you are seriously underestimating just how much you hurt me by your leaving.” But no…

It turned out to be Jang Yun himself, while he was a teaching assistant at Hong Yi Yeong’s uni. Which is the reason Kim Ian on the day of their concert, sent Yi Yeong to get him something to drink, and his brother to the car with his clothes. He didn’t want them to be introduced personally.

Most likely the camera file that was also on the smart card Jang Yun found in the envelope dated his brother’s day of death. The dead evil guy probably made a copy which would prove he wasn’t the murderer himself, because he went on to chase Yi Yeong, while prof Kang did what he did to Ian.

This I find credible, since she’s under PTSD and got flashbacks with new memories every time this happened. Lights and smells are the strongest activators of memory.

I didn’t notice the second car didn’t break at all.

That was for me the stupidest part of the show. You can’t be an unbiased psychologist for your family members. That simply doesn’t go that way.

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ok another one that wrecked my thought of an awesome drama, but the crazy thing, I really do agree with all of your points, which I didn’t see until all of you showed me.
the one thing one of you mentioned was the girl running with a knife, and yes we all learned not to do that, again common sense , and for standing while a car is about running you down, well she was so terrified she couldn’t move,
yeah a lot of strings too left dangling. so (sigh) I agree with all your comments. as for her reactions, then come back to try to be lovey dovey, don’t think so!! she was crazy to accept him!

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I agree, this girl was sooo stupid. In order to get some information, she delivered the most dangerous facts on a silver plate, instead of hiding them.

But concerning standing in front of a car, something similiar happens to me, when I was a teenager. I was skating on my rollerblades in a public garden, when suddendly a biker came towards me with high speed. He was shouting and did not hit the breaks and I was like paralyzed, I couldn’t move a single finger out of surprise. My skates were literally glued to the ground, I wantet to move, but I couldn’t. The biker pushed me away and I fell on the ground, I injured my knees badly. So even if it’s unbelievable, that someone just stands in front of a car, if you’re shocked, you’re probably like paralyzed.

True. But we’ve seen it so much in dramas that we just can’t stand it. Plus in this drama it was used twice.

Conductor Kang in “Beethoven Virus” (2008) was Kim Myung-min (“The Miracle We Met”).
Lee Ji-ah (“The Ghost Detective”) portrayed violinist Du Ru-mi, and Jang Geun-suk (“Switch: Change the World”) portrayed trumpet player Kang Geun-woo.
It was a very good drama and received great ratings in South Korea.
Irmar was the CM for the drama. It’s no longer licensed here on Viki in our region @frustratedwriter

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I found it now I don’t know if this is allowed, if anyone is interested Tuby.com being I have Roku found it easily.
now about this drama, the first two episodes didn’t catch me, didn’t like how it started. I m repeating this; but if they don’t grab me at the first couple sentences/episodes you can for get it.
I am finishing up the drama today. yes it get more interesting at the 3rd episode, and one of you said he got some training for being the conductor?
Must say he did good! one of my favorite actors. And Jang did an awesome job too, of course Lee did too. so one must stick with this one, it does get better. now is the girl going to fall for the conductor or Jang? DON’T tell me, I will watch today and find out.
ok its a toss up between the I wanna hear your song and this one!

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