I want to help sub, but I can't an here's why:

I live in Taiwan. In Tainan. I have been here for nearly 7 years to learn Chinese.
I want to help sub, make shows available to others who do not speak Chinese and also correct the errors on some that I have seen (linked through other sites) where the subtitles are drastically incorrect, or the grammar is wrong (assuming the translator is not a native English speaker, so errors, completely normal, but I can help fix it)

Due to the fact that I live in Taiwan, my regional settings do not allow me to view any Taiwanese drama on viki. I’ve watched some on myasiantv but i can correct them there.

Work on some other (i.e. non-Taiwanese) dramas that you have access to, or maybe fan channels, to build up your sub count. Then apply for QC status and you should have access to most content on the site.

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I wrote to the Viki Staff about your QC status, 28 days ago, when you contacted me. But I don’t know, you didn’t get your QC status yet.
I wrote to the staff again. I hope I can helping you.

Have a nice day!


Hey! I have a couple “fan channels” that are Taiwanese dramas! I would love for you to join the teams, especially since the channels have lost steam and are kind of on hold for now… PM me if you’re interested!

i wrote to, they only said that cause my sub count is low that I cannot join.

ok, yes, i dunno what “fan channels” are but it’s worth a go!


I sent you a PM. :smile: I really need you! :slight_smile:

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I’ve received and replied, but I cannot speak Korean.
I speak Mandarin Chinese, some basic Spanish, French and German.

So…if you have Google Chrome or a more updated internet browser like Firefox, you may be able to get an add on or extension that lets you change your VPN. Originally, I used it to get around using Facebook when I’m at school using the wifi…but I found that Browsec lets you change your regional settings. Give it a shot? I know this is an old thread, but hope this helps?