I want to remember

Can some one tell me a drama where the a ctor is poor and his mather died .
On day he fights with a mant and throws him to stone but it become a powerful jacket which turns him to be 7 person , idont remeber that much .

can you please write your info. properly it’s not quite clear… :face_with_monocle: :saluting_face:

Can you please mention the following, if you remember:

a. The country of origin
b. Any name of the actor or actress playing in the drama
c. Any specific detail like the location or something special for the characters
d. The Genres: was it purely fictional (fantasy) or any other specific genre
e. Was it old or new? Like, when was it released, if you remember. If you can’t remember the year, just let us know whether the cinematography was good or bad (old or new).