ICMYI: Latest from the 57th Baeksang Arts Awards

Hello! Hello! Hello! Baeksang Arts Awards is tom night. I’m so excited and at the same time, torn between the nominees in the Best Actor Category huhuhu They ALL deserved to win!

Overheard that Seo Yea Ji won the popularity award! Congratulations! Wondering if she will attend or not despite of her recent involvement in overlapping controversies.

Also, Parasite Director, Bong Joon Ho leads the list of presenters. Truly the Oscar’s of Korea!

Do you already listed down your winners??! Who got your votes?

Here’s the list of nominees


I wish it’s okay to not be okay and flower of evil cast and drama would get the awards and almost all my favourites are nominated


@padmalayag Kim Soo Hyun & Lee Joon Gi (for me) have the edge in the Best Actor category since their characters are well written.


Yes, I am also rooting for them.


I hope Shin Hye Sun also gets an award. She deserves it for all the struggle she has been going through and for her unbelievable acting in Mr. Queen.


No, Koreans sometimes are crazy. For most entertainers they are totally unforgiving, even a small thing, the suspicion of a small thing, will ruin their career forever. Poor Shin Hye Sun had contracts cancelled because she was involved in the previous project of someone who got into a controversy, at a time when he was not yet controversial. And now this woman, who has been accused of very serious things, not one but several, when each of them would have been enough to sink her, not only is left alone, but wins a popularity award? WHAT?!


@irmar maybe fans wanted SYJ to get out from her shell since she didn’t attend her movie’s press conference. Or maybe the Korean Media wanted to see a glimpse of her… you know the buzz & biz…

@shraddhasingh I’m not sure if SHS will attend.

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I hope this will be recognized in many ways.

For me too. I hope LJG will win it.

Me too. She deserves it, and more!

Well-said! I couldn’t agree more. Though I have nothing against the win, neither for her nor against her, if the “win” is true, then “the crazies” have gone crazier with all that they have done to others, whether directly or indirectly.:roll_eyes::expressionless:

I wish every nominee and every cast/crew the very best of luck. As a viewer, I applaud all of you for bringing us so many awesome K-dramas. If I could wish a win for anyone or any team, I’d wish it for everyone! You are all winners in your own right, for I am… :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Personally, not into watching award shows, but Korean tv/cinema has been incredible lately, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know, despite netizens taking some of the joy out of following the industry.

Like everyone else in this post seems to be, I’m rooting for the women who have been unfairly put on trial and found guilty by netizens. Very glad SYJ won the popularity award. I hope these women can continue to work in the future.


Seo Yea Ji will not be attending the awards night later due to personal reasons as per Gold Medalist

@sa11 yes! women empowerment


@jadecloud88 same! they all deserve the recognition :tada: