If it isn't vampires or witches


Now I am getting “hungry” for our vampires & witches dramas,

oh I know yeah UFO’s or some unknown mysteries. I have watched the ones here, so really don’t mention, and I have watched them a couple of times.
Just looking for something different is all. We are getting some new dramas, I sure hope something will be in the group. anyway. I will enjoy the dramas coming up.

guess I am going to have to watch these dramas again, which is ok with me. I will enjoy them again. some I have forgotten the endings. so to refresh??
where did that merman come from? I forgot!!


I don’t recall a merman one, but a mermaid one called The Legend of the Blue Sea. Was that the one you were thinking of?


Joylia, Starry night Starry Sea both were awesome, I didn’t like the ending of starry night starry sea, but understand it now. and yes I cried. thats the merman…


now I would love a vampire,witches, ghosts come up!! I am not a gamer type person, enough of the lawyers, could do with some time travel, even some cooking shows like wok of love, best chicken and a few more.

even the rookie historian is cute in my book


I don’t know if you ever tried these …
Most of them are restricted for me on my end of the world, I don’t know how it is for you?

I did not watch all of them, but almost all…


surplus princess, nine 9times tim travel,tomorrow with you, the rest I have seen. quite good too, I think I started watching nine 9 times time mtravel, but didn’t finish it, I would love to start the surplus princess one, I think it just may be what I am looking for too. the first who are you one you mentioned, was he a ghost to take care of his daughter? I may have seen it, but not sure. watched oh my ghost about 4 times!! love it! oh yeah Masters sun, awesome, yeah orange marmalade was a cute one!
the last one who are you, watched about 3 times! may watch it again!

anyway thanks for giving me these. they are definately a good watch!


The first Who Are You? Was the father whose soul “jumped” into the body of the male lead and while doing this tried to protect his daughter.


I do remember watching that one, it was quite good