If u could star in a drama, which two male leads would you want to fight over you? LOL

LOL okay, funny question time.if u could star in your own drama, which two guys (they could also be a kpop singer and/or actors or both), would u want to fight over you? you can also make it THREE guys or more if u want to go that complicated,or if u cant choose two lol.

what would the story be about? or what kind of drama would u want it to be like? ex. you can make up your own story or say a drama that u want it to imitate. (like “i want my drama to be that of an ‘heirs’ feel”, or smthing.)

this should be interesting haha…

i have too many so ill just say these for this post
-yonghwa from cnblue and hongbin from vixx.

orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lee jong suk and jung il woo

hmmm… dont know who i would pick or who would win… ROTFL u can post who u would want out of your two guys to win. or who u would pick. let ur imagination flow!

(aww! this pic is so adorable! anyways-getting off topic-ehem…)


I wrote a korean story back in 2010 (for fun, but quite seriously) so it won’t be me but rather I tell you the actors I imagined for my characters:

Lee Hyori, Song Seung Heon and Gong Yoo (I am pretty sure nobody ever thought about this triangle hahahah). I can’t tell you much about the storyline (secret) just that is about a love that transcends death, friends become enemies and enemies become friends :PPP

LOL well this is your story, so u can choose whoever u want to fight over you and thats OKAY. haha
ah,good ideas,sounds interesting.

ah, so you write what they call “fanfiction”? xD
its cool that you write stories!

wait, theyre from what group again? is it B.A.P?

i honestly dont know what my story will be T.T haha. but it would be very girly. haha but maybe with a twist of hardships at the same time.i like watching dramas where the girl is having a hard time/hardships maybe in her house or with her job or something family-related,problems at home and when she is at her worsts the two guys will help out. like they see her hurt and that’s when they fall for her, but theyre both nice guys so its going to make it hard for her to pick one, or something something like that. maybe that’ll be my story xD

omg thats so cool! i would never actually picture them three in a traingle! thats a creative idea.
i LOVE gong yoo. song sueng heon too. shes gonna have a hard time… lol
sounds very cool.

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I would want Lee Min Ho and Kim Soo Hyun to fight over me. I would be so happy and flattered that they’d both want me. But then I wouldn’t know what to do since I love them both so much. lol


Hahaha… Yhu took my answer and omg rite… hahaha

LOL u both are funny. : D ah, decisions.decisions.

kim so hyun is so cute, i wouldnt mind either. he’s like, an adorable bunny xD

Okay… after thinking… i choose … 2 lee min ho and 1 Kim Soo Hyun …Character : Lee Min Ho - Kim Tae Hyun ( Very Nasty Personality ) and Lee Min ho - Lee Song Ki ( very Nice and Wonderful Personality ) … and Kim Tae Hyun Bestfriend is Kim Bum … And Lee Song Ki bestfriend is Kim soo Hyun… The 2 twins Don’t know each other… Tae Hyun is in America Planning a revenge for the 3 people who killed his parents … while Song Ki is having fun with life… Till When Tae Hyun gets almost caught for trying steal something but when Tae Hyun hides, Song Ki comes out of no where and the cops see Song Ki, They assume its Tae Hyun… Later… Kim soo Hyun thinks his bestfriend is Tae Hyun and Kim bum thinks his buddy is Song Ki… Tae Hyun falls for Song ki girl and Song ki falls for Tae Hyun Girlfriend… When they finally meet, they both in shock but tae hyun tells song ki to go along with lying and help him find their father killers… should Song Ki Join or No?

oh wow, that sounds like a melodrama. sounds good! you put some thought into this. wait, who has the bad personallity and who has the good one? u said lee min ho twice by accident x)

and sounds like allot of drama’s gonna happen between those two!

Hahaha… They r twins… the bad lee min ho is Tae Hyun and the Good lee min ho is song ki… i dont have any names for kim soo hyun and kim bum and shin min ah and Park se young… help needed ./.

ohhhh now i get it! LOL u want double lee min ho’s! hhaaha i think people will be very pleased with this drama lol

i found the perfect picture for this:

omg its kinda hard because i dont know any korean names… i wouldnt be able to make a good one… but it still sounds like an awesome plot line.

Hahaha… Yeah… Lee min ho made a short file of him with a twin but i just found out lee min ho has a real life twin … but they dont look alike that much… its kinda hard to tell if he is lee min ho twin and awwweh thanks… i wanna a drma of atleast of lee min ho with a twin or one of my oppa’s with twins

Haha im soo stupid… i made a mistake its a wax figure not a human… haha i feel so stupid

hahahaahahaha its okay, u made me laugh HAHA! xD its okay, i woulda thought that two if i saw the wax figure, they make them look so alike O.O

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Hahaha… they Kinda do…

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ahhh,gotcha . x) so i know now what u do,thats cool.
yes, im not too familiar with B.A.P but i like some of their songs rather then their raps. i love 1004 angel and rain sound!

Definitely I’ll revive this story, with me as lead actress. LOL

Omggg haahahahahha totally what I thought. But then again. I couldn’t choose someone so I need someone else with lee min ho

Seriously it’s so abvious who the real lee min ho is. The twin is so bad


Nooo not at all. It’s obvious who the real lee min ho is

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