If Viki could ever get the Plus or minus translations done I could compare them to GagaOOlala

I have watched Plus of Minus on GagaOOlala and want to see how it is translated on Viki in comparison. However, I have been waiting for days for the episodes to reach 100% translation and it still hasn’t happened for episode 2.

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1st I’ve heard of

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Ep 2 is 100% translated now.


For anyone searching it’s “and” not “of,” I tried searching, and it would not pop up unless it was exactly matched. It’s under Latest Releases.
Here’s the link.


Thank you. It might be the situation that the baking is slower but the flavor is better with Viki. .

With Semantic Error I realized that GagaOOlala has a quality problem. I have noticed rough spots in understanding other items.


The full process at Viki can take longer because of the editing. There are not as many editors available so it can take a while longer for episodes to be 100%. But you are correct-having the editors to check over everything gives the Viki subs an advantage.

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I have heard of GagaOOlala before. They are a streaming service that focuses on LGBT content. They operate similar to most other services. You register for a free account and they have levels of service. You can watch some content for free with ads or pay for Membership and watch the Members only content and no ads. They are pretty new- Just a couple of years old I think. I hear more about them lately because they are one of the very few to have lesbian content and I think they have the exclusive liscense for Fragrance of the First Flower series which get a lot of positive critical and viewer reviews.


Though it isn’t a strict division, GagaOOlala is more LGBT and Viki is more Fujoshi. They have a lot of art house material, though of uneven quality, some basically junk. They have a lot of Matchbox and Strongberry Korean stuff, Viki none.

They have real Gay Chinese dramas, whereas Viki has the fujoshi HIStory stuff.

Though with them having “Meow, Ears Up,” they seem to be going after fujoshi also with no shame. Also, they tend to have trailers on YouTube which can be misleading. On the other hand some of it is really classic gems. You want to find an independent review on Mydramalist before watching anything.


What a superior sort you are. Perhaps they will build a monument for you so we can all contemplate your many virtues.

Episode 3 will come out in 6 more days (Just and update)

I have given up on this. Episode 4 is out on GagaOOlala and on Viki it is 84% as I write this post.

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