If you could have another season

What? That would be too good to be true
But I would be very happy :grin::hugs: Thanks for the information @frustratedwriter :blush:

Unfortunately I have the feeling that during the historical dramas
The first episodes “1-3” are somehow not really appealing…
Something must develop in these 3 episodes that gives you the feeling, don’t turn it off now, otherwise you might miss something…
Ashes of Love :thinking:
The first episode, I really thought “shit, what a silly cram” But something was there that captivated me more and more…
From my perspective it is close to a masterpiece… It is just a matter of taste :grin:


Tragic end? But it was (to me) a HE. Poor @simi11. I hope your emptiness has been filled by other good dramas/CP since then. I do recall reading a lot of comments about the “confusing ending” in the international viewers’ arena. However, it was extreme joy and high fives in the Chinese net sphere.

The finale was pretty bloody and heartwrenching, that I do agree. It was that “darn curse” lol. And yes, Ethan Ruan was so darn charming in the drama. He sizzled when paired with Yang Mi. I thoroughly enjoyed their banters and his cheesy moves. :rofl:. I gotta watch the drama again. I really wish they will give us more of WuFu CP in a second season. I miss Yuan Bao, too. It is so cute, even for a CGI haha.

I don’t think there’s another CP as sizzling as they were, with as awesome a plot/script! No doubt there were many good couples, and Eternal Love’s (aka TMoPB) and Princess Agents’ CP were close, but their respective plot wasn’t as good. I am hoping Yang Mi and William Chan in Novoland will be the next “Legend of Fuyao,” if not topping it.:heart_eyes:

I agree. Go Ahead was simply heartwarming. I love the three “siblings” and the two dads. The “sibling” chemistry was great! We may just get our wish for a second season since it is a wholesome family drama and it was very well-received not just in China, but worldwide as well.


JC you said it so well, exactly my thoughts, the tragic end was for me the bloody finale and ending I’m still not sure I got the idea, not that it was awful, I just looked for some touching happy end finally :blush: Ethan really stood out with his charisma… I’m not quite sure William can match him… he has too much of the boyish smile for me, he’s a good actor though… I’m also thinking a bit of Ashes of Love… yes we need another Yuan Bao somewhere :laughing:
As for Princess Agents’ I was impressed with Shawn Dou’s acting in particular where his mom was and the chopped heads… it was so cruel… :cry: