If you don't know her go listen


So maybe some of you know her, and other don’t know her, her name is Heize, she is a korean singer, who sing “Can You See My Heart” ost of Hotel del Luna.
And she released a new EP ‘Happens’ recently, it is really good, go check it and i hope you like it :grin:


I’m familiar with her name.
And i heard the song in hotel del Luna too i like it.

And it is from its okay to not be okay

This is from goblin


Oh WOW Thanks! @dada03


welcome :smiley:


Round and Round anything from Goblin gives me CHILLS


Ooh she’s one of my favorite female solo artists ever! Along with Punch, Yoon Mi Rae and Ailee… they’re OST QUEENSSS :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: