If you had to choose only one guy to marry

If u had to choose any guy to marry from korea (idols or actors) Who would u marry? Now dont get overexcited, you will be able to marry ONLY ONE GUY who would it be?
I have 50+ guys that i want to marry, that question is kinda hard for me, but i would pick LEE JONG SUK
What about you? :blush:


Straight up, that’s a devil’s question, you know :smiling_imp: :yum:

I gave that up a looong time ago.


indeed it is… hmm, from 20+ kguys, and top 10, I would pick- So Ji Sub :blush:

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Here’s something for you then :heart_eyes:


Yeah, it is a devil question indeed ;D

Greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat choice, he is hawt :smiley:

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Gong Yoo…


Awww, the most save-the-world Korean actor.

:heartbeat: I would share him with you even though in reality i would never ever share him with anyone :angel: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think in this case one of you will have to call dibs.

Ha Ha Ha Ha! I´ll think we´ll manage… just fine :wink:

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LOL ikr :smiley:

Is it weird that I had no problem deciding on Taehyung? I thought, Oh! I have to choose quick or all the other actors and singers will pop in my head!!! And after a while I thought, Yeah, I think V and I would fit each other. I like him a lot. ^^


GREAT choice xD as you know. xD

if i had to pick one (also extremely hard for me) but i would always say the same thing because it’s what my heart says. i love kikwang. i would marry him. like, now. he will always be 1st.

if for some reason i couldnt marry him, i would marry either jonghyun or onew from shinee. or hongbin from Vixx. sorry sorry im not trying to cheat LOL. so yea, kikwang xD <3

me, waiting for him:

@popsicles ooohhh great choice! i was gonna say him if it was a K-actor, he would be 1st. well, after lee jong suk <3

damn this question, making me betray all my other husbands T.T



YEAH LOL u seem like a betrayer in front of kikwang now :smiley: and omg kikwang lips just OMG YUMMEH :blush:

LOL x.D he looks like a little chick with those lips!
yeah…these days, i will marry hongbin. i really wanted to say that. (kikwangie knows i love him and he’s #1 so its not a betrayal ROTFL we’ll work it out)

so yeah. i will marry hongbin these days.
i picked out my wedding dress, and he’s ordering his tux.

im having hongbin fever… so i will have to change my answer for this discussion.


OMG THOSE ABS - HAWTTTT, well he is always #1 in vixx :smiley: omg his dimples are just like mine :smiley:
LOL so these days u will marry hongbin, and when will u marry kikwang 8D ?XD

really? i would think #1 would be leo xD and hongbin would be 2nd. (well, he’s my #1…)

and yes, hongbin is just gorgeous.

ahhhh you too have dimples~!!!? fortunate girl xD thats a really adorable trait for anyone.

YES YES EXACTLLYYYY!!! im glad you understand xDDDD LLOL jk
ummm… wait… let me think about that for a sec.
i will marry hongbin and then when… oh gosh idk. thats gonna be the biggest dilemma. im gonna have to flip a coin, and have a sit down meeting with them and talk about the amount of years that theyll share me… ROTFL i wish
theyre just gonna have to fight for it.

I kinda dislike how COLD leo is, but he is similar to an anime characters so yep :slight_smile:
Aww haha lol ty, well im called “the mother of dimples” in school XD and whenever my friend gets mad shes like “may, dont lemme poke u with a pen on ur dimples” LOL.
… lol yah, how many yrs would u live with kikwang or hongbin tho? XD