If you have applied to Channel Manager please read this topic

Gostaria de responder a essa pessoa pois meu nome se encontra nessa lista. Eu vivo o viki 24/7 pois tenho tempo e amor por esse trabalho voluntário. Sou escolhida para ser moderadora porque sou responsável e tenho credibilidade entre as CMs, porque sempre que termino um drama mando mensagem dizendo que o drama está concluído e revisado. Só acho o cumulo uma pessoa como você que já denunciou várias companheiras de equipe e foram excluídas pelo viki, que dirá quantas CMs você também não denunciou, fazer um papel desse, isso e bem a sua cara. Tenho como lema que errar é humano, portanto, quando uma pessoa erra mesmo que seja algumas vezes sempre vou orientá-la e procurar está sempre presente para ela. Se você tem tempo para fazer uma lista dessa e ficar fuçando os projetos dos outros porque não pega esse tempo ocioso e tenta ser uma pessoa melhor, porque isso é papel de pessoa invejosa e revoltada consigo mesmo. Aquele que denuncia seus companheiros de equipe para mim não merece credibilidade.

Você só esqueceu de um detalhe, veja a quanto tempo alguns desses dramas estão para serem liberados.

Isso não é monopolização e sim responsabilidade.


Errr… I know we’re not supposed to swear here, but what the fu…?! How are you supposed to, as a CM in just three days choose the right team and get everything ready?? That is insane! Viki should be much more organized than that. They kept saying they would be organized. Of course that you then accept the moderators of other languages as they apply, rather than as they are best suited for the project. But, ultimately, this is not okay.


I mean I have seen more people becoming available for projects during summer so they accept to join.
I think it’s a reasonnable choice to take into account that to contribute, they need free time and a moderator takes it into account that he’s on holiday before asking.
Some moderators take some projects but at the same time don’t have time to take care of the projects properly until completion.

This situation is paradoxical.

I think seeing 1 same name on this list for summer like 2x or 3x (summer for 3 months) is like seeing the same name separately for 1x March, 1 x April, 1x May (3 months).

In the end, it just happens or he was “unlucky” that dramas he was interested in appear at the same time on this list, but waiting for 1 month, 1 might not be on this list anymore.

So I don’t think because someone appears 2 or 3 now at this moment of the year is someone to blame.
Mod A = 3 on this list

Because next to it, depending on the language, they already had the April drama, May drama and June drama = 3 dramas with 2 ongoing.

Mod B = 1 on this list + April and May not on the list = 3

If we take into account the availability and the ongoing projects a mod has: 3 vs 3. Same given opportunities in number but not showing on the list.

If we just want to give only 2 projects to mod A who has 3 projects showing, the mod B will have 4 projects.

Mod A = 2 on this list
Mod B = 2 on this list (but has 1 April and 1 May dramas in addition)

2-4: the opportunities are not anymore equal.

But I understand your point though.
It depends whether it is a new or occasional mod or a regular mod. If a same name appears more than 3 times in a regular way all along the year for many dramas, here I would say that opportunities are not the same, but again, it depends on languages we are talking about.

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I think the topic was, equal chances for everyone and not equal numbers of projects for every mod.

Some would be able to take care of 4 dramas and others only have time for 1 or 2. Some are moderators for dramas without an on air date, esp. for Chinese dramas the wait may take years, and they could take care of some current dramas in the meanwhile. Others are moderators for dramas with a very slow release of the episodes and the teams have to wait weeks for each release. If those moderators want to moderate some actual, shorter dramas, as a channel manager I would accept them, too. And there are moderators with 4-5 or more on air dramas and have lots of already licensed projects which will be on air soon. This would be the group, which comes at last for me.

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Good Cast is on air, too and The Romance of Tiger and Rose, Beautiful Reborn Flower, The Legend of Awakening.:slight_smile:

Isn’t there a VIKI rule that says only 3-4 on-air dramas at same time? Or is this only for CMs but not for language mods?

In the list are also old dramas from ~2016 so maybe an old drama is less hyped, gets less members and is slower in progress while the same mod could have new on-air dramas with bigger teams and faster progress.

One thing I like to mention here is that I think a absolute beginner with 0 experience (no QC and not a single finished project at all; with less than 1000 lines) shouldn’t become a moderator for any drama, no matter if it’s a new or an old drama because then this volunteer couldn’t learn how the teams work and no one who has experience could give advice or take a look on it. (I’d prefer some kind of subbing academy or mentoring for beginners who could work on older dramas in their own speed but get some help by an experienced volunteer).


I’ve Fallen For You’s CM should be German mod as well.

Viki says, 5 on air dramas at the same time and counts them as on air dramas, until they are completed. And yes, this applies for languages moderators, too.

Usually only full QCs should become moderator, although I think, they should start with a movie and not with a 40 episodes drama and maybe as a co-moderator.


Gold QC 5 on-air Channels
QC 3 on-air Channels
QC Trainee 1 on-air Channel


I’m a newbie here at Viki but the day before this discussion I received this text in my message box. I came here to know and I came across this discussion. I started reading and trying to understand. If I am a newcomer I got it, it might make me think that this message may have been sent to the channel managers that Wendy Lee would like to Subtitle. The message leaked and to get away with creating a list, 24 hours later she put it in the discussions. Then I ask: WILL I PLANT DISCORDIA BECAUSE THE DRAMA I WANT IS BEING MODERATED BY ANOTHER PERSON? I went to the Korean page that has a lot of dramas “Em Breve” that doesn’t have CM yet. This means that there is no lack of drama for her. She’s been here since 2017 and only has 12,000 subtitles.
I read the What is a Moderator and what do they do page?
Na says:
QC QC Contributors should not work on more than 3 on-air Channels at the same time as a Moderator, regardless of the channel being considered on-air or library.
She’s already in two. So there is no lack of drama for her.
What will your intentions be? Take revenge on the moderator of the drama you want or take the moderators you don’t like to the SEGREGATION.
I know this discussion is valid, but how do you know if this space is not being used to manipulate us? I can’t say yes, but I can’t say no either.
If the problem is with the Portuguese language. Why include other languages? Is it a disguise? I’m a retired researcher so I disconfio. I have nothing against anyone. I’m just saying that this discussion might have a double meaning.



Yes, of course, not having the same number for everyone.

cf comment 1 about movies and dramas (short or long). We can’t count the same a drama with 5-10 ep and a 60 ep drama or a movie that can be finished in a weekend or could take longer.

It’s not 1=1 to compare a movie with a 60 ep drama, it’s not the same investment and it depends on the period of releasing and airing.

Same, cf comment 1, some are on this list since a long time ago, bec we didn’t have the luck to have it yet on Viki, it does increase the number of projects artificially. A person can wait longer while sb will have already 5 done

Content, profile etc.
My examples were simple and took dramas alike, and on the period of time. We also have to look at the date of releasing.

All that to say that:
If we just look at this list, well, it says a little, but not enough to make assumptions that this person has more opportunities at an instant T (except if I see like 10 lol). It’s weird without taking a look at the profile and also languages, many things!

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four weeks? try 2 days before it airs…actually. And if you’re a CM, you’re trying to find translators and segmenters and editors cause call me crazy, but English version will be your first problem if you don’t. At least, that’s my recent experience. newer CM’s are super-lucky to get a team in place before it happens and if you don’t put something out there fast, you find overlords knocking at your gates too by the way…


@bozoli Yes I was a bit in a hurry and I wanted the mods for French, Spanish, Portuguese and other more popular languages in place before the start so those mods could start ASAP too after the English subs where done to prevent a sea of sub whiners.
And you have people who keep PMing you if you don’t respond within a few hours. Those will be removed from the list because I don’t want them to push the English team later. Yes sometimes I forget to reply because I’m multitasking to much or something but PMing me every few hours?! NEXT!


There are some users, who applied for 10 and more movies and dramas in the comments. Imagine the channel managers would accept them for each of them…
How do I know? If you click on the user name, who left a comment, a new window opens on the right side of the screen and Diqus shows all comments of this user in the comments and Team Discussion, too.

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This can be easily done with messages too, even if you don’t see it. People apply for many different dramas because they know that most likely they won’t get all of them - what are the chances?
That’s not my style, because I only apply for dramas I think I will like working on, and I am picky! No action-thriller-horror, no Chinese-Taiwanese, nothing with actors like Hwang Jung Eum, Sung Hoon, Jung So Min in leading roles, nothing from certain writers, no silly slapstick (you can tell from the posters, if they have open mouths and rolled eyes and unnatural expressions) and so on.
But some people want to have lots and lots of projects and they don’t care, so…


Me,too. I only apply for dramas and movies, I’m interested in and not for as much as I can, just in case, I would get rejected. :slight_smile:

Wendy_ Lee. I want to tell you that the number of moderators of the Portuguese language is ten times what you pointed out. The point would be what user Taipeiseul pointed out or not?
There are people who enter the community every day and others once a week or every fifteen days. As a CM, I won’t be waiting for someone who doesn’t even know if he’s going to show up because I don’t have a crystal ball. I went to CM for a show that aired 24 hours after I was notified, broadcasting six episodes a week. I won’t be waiting. Viki is on the air 24 hours a day. It is the user who has to adapt to the community and not the other way around. There is a drama I’m a moderator that was shown in July last year and so far only four episodes have been released for other languages. You are in moderation of a drama with me (Fallen For You) and two days later opened this discussion. Wendy, you’ve never moderated a historical drama. I believe that the idea of ​​CM is that I give you something for you. I rarely moderate a drama on my own. I always have partnerships, especially with users who are new to moderation. I don’t care and I never had any problems with partnerships. If you didn’t like the idea of ​​moderating with me, why didn’t you tell the channel manager? And what did the moderators of the other languages ​​have that is involved?
Throw in the towel on the beach? It is not wrong, people in the world survive because they throw their towels through work, study … in search of opportunities. Read the posts of pirana, taipeiseul and mature.
Gold QC 5 on-air Channels
QC 3 on-air Channels (This is your current status.)
QC Trainee 1 on-air Channel


Putting aside that you and the creator of this topic have some personal issues, do you agree that generally speaking this is a real issue at Viki?


I cannot state this. Depends on the situation. It is very difficult to generalize. One of the dramas I am in and which is now “soon” was added as a moderator in 2019 and I was surprised when I saw him on the list. How many moderators can be facing this situation? In that case, how can we say that a CM does not pay attention before adding a moderator? This is very complicated. And I’m CM too. How do I know that a show that a person was added to two years ago suddenly goes on air?


It is good that we have this conversation. I just think I think this is not the place for personal matters.