If you have applied to Channel Manager please read this topic

I know that when you’re selected as manager you want to gather a team asap but please, wait at least some hours to choose the moderators for the so-called popular languages. There are moderators monopolizing projects because they were the first to ask, not everyone is around at the time when you are selected, it’s not fair with everyone else, experienced moderators and the ones who are looking for their first moderation.
I’ve listed the channels that are in coming soon and on air, as well as it’s moderators, I’m still updating it so it’s incomplete but you can already see how monopolized it is. I’m not trying to pick up a fight, I’m just trying to give an even chance to everyone but I’m sure this post will annoy many people, I’m sorry in advance.

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Thank you for the effort.

I want to add more details:

  • the period of the year: some moderators appear now, but the rest of the year they might not have asked.

Ex: a moderator doesn’t ask to moderate except when summer is coming (he’s only available for summer).
So he will appear on this list just at an instant T maybe for 2-3 dramas. So you will see him in June-August = 2-3 dramas during the year.
But regular moderators can have 1-2 dramas each month = 12 dramas during the year.

  • when: some channels were in this list since a long time ago.
    Ex: a moderator is moderator of 2 dramas since January 2019 (moderator A) but they are still there in 2020.
    In 2020, he asks to be moderator for 1 upcoming drama on this list.

Total = 3 (he is appearing on 3).
Total aired and moderated in 2019 and 2020 = 0

He didn’t get to moderate the 2 dramas appearing on this list since January 2019.

Whereas some dramas have more luck:
1 moderator (moderator B) asked for 2 dramas in the first quarter of 2020 that appeared and were aired on Viki.
Total moderated = 2
In spring 2020 +1
In summer 2020 +1

Total moderated 2020 = 4
Total where he is appearing on this list = 1

  • other dramas to take into account: coming soon and old.
    He could have 1 on this list.
    But next to it, he could have 2 on air and 3 old dramas not finished yet.

Total appearing = 1
Total moderating = 6

  • type: some are movies.
    Some mods don’t often take dramas but take movies.

  • languages: some languages lack volunteers

  • not completing and past exp: some mods are not given more chances if in a past exp, they didn’t complete their dramas. So you might see 2 or 3 names more often, and 1 name less often. There might be a “legit reason.”

  • competences: someone might want to give a chance to someone new but not enough knowledge in a targeted language.

  • not appearing on this list but can have already many other projects at the same time:
    On air or old.

Total showing = 0
Total moderating not on this list and not complete yet = 5 or >

Or each month, a drama from this list aired and was removed from this list, so a lambda mod won’t appear on this list at this time, but it’s because he appeared already for previous times during the year.

  • or relicensing: Gogh the starry night for ex. It appears on upcoming, but it was in the past there, lost the licence and got the licence back.
    The drama was already complete 2-3 years ago.

Total shown 2020: 3
Will moderate a new drama not relicensed: 2

The list is not static and we have to take into account the period of the year, also other projects (ongoing, on air, complete), and also how many they have moderated already (imagine a new mod with 2-3 on this list, but it’s his first time compared to someone who is currently moderating the same number or more but not on this list: they moderate the same number).

So it can more complex for some cases.
In all cases, look at profiles.


There are CMs who give to the first who asks. But not all. There are many who take many other things into account.
I was finally made CM of an on-air project a few months ago, and I spent two weeks looking through every applicant’s project page to find out which of them are the type who hoards projects and doesn’t complete them.
For instance, there were some who hadn’t yet gone past episodes1-3 of a popular on-air drama like Tale of Nokdu or other which was completed about six months before. Of course I always also checked whether the English team had released all the episodes etc.

It is a real pity that Viki cannot give us project pages which show relevant info easily and quickly, so that every CM doesn’t have to do this tedious and time-consuming work. Because, as it is, most CMs probably don’t.

I wrote each moderator a message with my findings, to give them a chance to explain. Because maybe their language was added after the drama finished airing, or maybe the drama suddenly lost the license in their country (these things can happen). But when I saw on their project page more than 5 or 6 fully released dramas with very few or no episodes done in that language, I knew that it couldn’t be a coincidence.

The worst was when I had to refuse a person I’m otherwise very friendly with, another one who in the past had graciously granted me the moderator position I asked for etc. It tied my stomach into a knot when doing it.
Although I tried to be super-polite in my messages, some of the people I wrote to took it well, some were offended, some didn’t even reply. I think I made lots of enemies between February and March.
Being CM is not easy, nor is it the most fun job to do. I keep asking for it (as I have explained before) because it’s almost the only way for me to get Italian moderator positions, since the field is monopolized by a handful of people who, it seems, are logged into Viki even when they sleep. The exact problem you’re mentioning in your opening post. But once I do get it, I give it my very best.


Count your lucky stars and Midsummer is full of hearts already have German moderators :slight_smile:

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@wendy_lee Where did you see Midsummer is Full of Hearts will have 45 episodes? On all the sites I checked it’s written 24 episodes.
And I agree with Piranna about the fact there are a lot of other things to take into account.
For example, Tears in Heaven is in “coming soon” since almost 2 years now. So we can’t know if all the moderators will still be available when it will be airing. We don’t even know when it will be airing.

I’m only talking about Tears in Heaven because I’m on it but I’m pretty sure there are some other which have special situations.


We already discussed this earlier this week but with the popular languages I don’t go by first come, first serve and I sometimes wait a few days before selecting someone. It can be the first person who applied but also the last.

I look at:

  • How much experience they have.
  • How many current projects do they have.
  • What is the status of those projects.
  • How is their English skill because I need to be able to communicate properly with them.
  • Past experience with them if they worked with me before.

I always have the hardest time with French, Spanish and Portugese. There are so many good moderators and I enjoyed working with so many of them. You don’t want to disappoint a ‘friend’ but when more ‘friends’ apply for the same position Who do you pick if the result of your checklist is about the same?! Everyone, friend or not, get’s a fair chance. If I really don’t know then I wait a little or randomly pick someone. And next to that hard part there is also this thing where X. refuses to work with Y. but there are also people who will work together anyway and are happy for their friend.

And then there are the less popular languages and languages hardly anyone applies for. Those can be a headache too. It happened to me a few times that someone got really upset and angry because one person got all the channels she wanted to be a mod for. But the thing was the other person who got the position applied for it a few weeks earlier and after a few days that person still was the only person asking for it. You cannot have someone wait for weeks in case someone else drops by? And telling the first person you will remove them and add someone else is not my style.

I also was accused of not giving new people a try at moderating while I’m the CM who actually does give newbies a chance and help them to get started when needed. Maybe not so much with the popular languages because I think those may be to stressful for newbies but for the others…


I don’t think it’s a matter of waiting. Most moderators, if they want to translate a future on-air project, they contact the CM as soon as they see the drama has a channel. By that time it might be too late for most of the popular on-air projects.

You sort of need to be in the know when a channel has appeared on Viki. You have to hang out with the right crowd, so to speak. At least this is how I understood the point of @wendy_lee’s post. The popular projects get snapped by the same folks over and over again because these folks have a way of finding out first when a channel is opened.

Allowing a, for example, two-week application deadline for moderator positions might perhaps even the play field. And give the CM enough time to throughly check each applicant.

Yes, same with Wolf. Suddenly it got the licence, and a channel, and a team name… And I’m stuck with other things. I completely gave up on that project. I applied for it over two years ago. Chinese dramas are always so unpredictable!

Under is a thread which helps people not only find out about new channels, but also organize us to ask Viki for the licences.


Well actually, lately Viki also selects ‘new’ people and give them their very first CM project. Many of those CM’s usually don’t have a ‘network’ yet. Of those new CM’s there is a group that will be pro active, look around on other channels and start to PM people to help out because they heard you are good at what you do. Other new CM’s just sit there and wait till people contact them for positions. And then there is a small group that drops out before the project even started because they didn’t realize it was that much work to recruit a good team. These days I don’t work on all projects I wanted to work on because the segmenting position is already full by the time I find out about the channel. Should they wait for me? No.


Concerning the last group with new CMs, who drop out, there are more and more moderators, who only apply for the channel manager position, just because they want to get the message from Viki, that someone else was chosen as the CM, because this message reaches them way before competitors can find the new CM on the mainpage of the respective drama. And so they have time to apply first. They are sure, that Viki won’t select them and are shocked, if they got chosen.

Another aspect I personally dislike so much, are all those applications in the comment section. Aznative and Iris78 are so diligent and provide all those posters, videos with OST, behind the scenes and fanmeeting videos and I appreciate this so much. But it’s so hard to find them between all those applications of moderators or even subtitlers. I compare this usually with the guests at a hotel, who throw their towel on the beach chair, claiming this chair before all other guests. If I want to moderate a drama, I have to keep an eye on the channel and should write a personal message to the new appointed CM. I don’t claim to be “first”, just because I threw my towel out. :slight_smile:

I think, it’s a good idea to gather all applications for a few days and decide after some carefully considerations. So everyone has the same chances. This concerns not only the hot on air dramas but special genres, too. There are genres where somehow almost all dramas end in the hands of 1-2 moderators.


There is a difference here. You’re talking about all the projects you want to work on. So, I’m assuming you do get positions here and there on some projects. And you’re looking at it from a point of segmenter, not chief segmenter.

Moderator positions are being hoarded since there is usually only one or two per project. I think we agree that a person who has been subtitling for a while should at some point get a chance at moderating, if they want. However, they might not get that chance if they don’t know where to look for projects.

There is also a minimum 4 week grace period between opening of the channel and first air date, right? So, nobody’s really talking about waiting for the volunteers to do the job while the CM is still recruiting. The project gets started on time one way or another.

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@somejuwels Yes, now you mention it… But before I apply I always check what the airing days are and the episodes. Is it a 50+ ep one I just watch and not apply because committing myself every weekend for half a year on one project. Is it an older drama and you have no idea when Viki uploads it?! I skip that too. But if you don’t expect they will ever pick you it can take you by surprise. And those applications in the comments. I sometimes ignore them and sometimes I add them to the list to take in consideration. It depends on my mood really but most of them end up PMing too. About the beach chairs and towels… If looks could kill I would have died at a resort in Crete :laughing:

Getting my latest project went like this: I was checking the coming soon section and saw a Kdrama with no CM yet which was about to air in 6 days. I applied because it was with Park Shi Hoo and the plot seemed nice. 2 days later when I woke up I saw I had a lot of PM’s. Turned out Viki gave me the channel and it was airing in 3 days…


I don’t think the period of the year matters, and even if it does, they shouldn’t be taking moderations in droves since they only have that period free.

Okay, that forever coming soon channels can be removed from the list, as well as the movies. As for the relicensing titles, I wasn’t thinking of including it.

They probably refresh the project finder tab every 10 seconds. :laughing:

Thanks, updated.

My bad, I must have mistaken it with the minutes.

Not exactly with when the channel is created but with when the CM is selected.

Yes, I dislike those too. And your comparison with the towel on the beach chair is on point.

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Please, update (since this list is “public”). I’m not moderating “kkondae intern”.


There are many aspects to consider.
The first is that movies cannot be considered.
Second, there are projects that are being licensed only now.
Third, luckily there are moderators who are dedicated and active on Viki and other moderators are not.
Fourth, if you want to be a moderator for a project that already has a moderator, go to the moderator and ask to be co-moderator and don’t keep making a black list.

But Wendy,
You are QC and already have 4 projects in the air!
Black List is also considered wrong on viki.


Why? I don’t really understand that, personally. It’s a project that requires time and energy too. Of course, it’s shorter than a drama of 50 episodes, that’s for sure. But in this case, we have to be logical… with this upcoming list:
Where Your Eyes Linger has 8 episodes with 10 min = 80 minutes.
Life~Love on the Line has 4 episodes with probably 20 minutes = 80 min
High-end Crush has 20 episodes with 15 min = 300 min
Dark blue and moonlight has 12 ep with 30 min = 360 min
Did I forgot one?

One movie is around 90 to 120 min.

Same for difference between 50 episodes and 20 episodes… 2 episodes a day, or 2 episodes a week, or 1 episodes a week… Plus waiting English Edition… I’m not going to talk about everything that has already been mentioned, I think there are a lot of criteria for dramas: upcoming, on air and not on air. You guys have all pointed this out very well. This is something that we have already discussed here.

Oh, maybe this was not mentioned (??): Language. I know that some languages are lucky to have 20 to 30 translators per team. Some teams have only a few translators, or they are alone. It changes a lot too.

But it’s more about “sharing” here, right?


But normally in the Portuguese team we have a lot of subtitlers and we finish the movies in less than 4 hours at the most.
That’s why I said we can’t take it into account!


You are right, I understand. But this post is about all language, no? Portuguese community is lucky about this, you guys rock! But, unfortunately, this is not the case for all languages. Movies can be long sometimes too (my memories remember that). :slight_smile:


Oooops it’s true, I’m sorry.
But the other things I mentioned about the list.

No problem, maybe I was wrong about the movies!:no_mouth:
Thank you for your observation!:slightly_smiling_face:


No, no. You are not wrong. It’s just that each language community works differently. What you say is true in Portuguese Community, maybe. I just see that in the upcoming list, there are no movies, too bad. However, some very short dramas have been kept on this list, on the contrary. As for the other things you mentioned, I’m totally agree with you, 100%. :slight_smile:


@somejuwels I loved the metaphor about throwing a towel on the beach chair.