I'm Older - Why Can't I have my Viki App on Samsung TV?

I’m a huge fan of Asian TV series as are many of my older friends. Not all of us are tech savvy for all the different devices that Viki and DF are so busy updating their systems to handle. I’ve been a loyal Viki customer for quite a while now and have recommended this company to many of my friends who are also older and love Asian TV programming, Why in the world would you alienate your older viewers who don’t know what a Roku or Chrome thingy is, when you can just turn on your Smart TV and load the Viki app. I would really like to hear from someone in your tech section to explain why me and my older friends have to now try to invest in a laptop or computer plus other stuff just to watch Viki programming, Hey, this is really important to us as some of us are shut-ins, and some of us watch Viki as our primary entertainment. We matter too and probably have more money to spend than many of your younger viewers. I’d even be willing to kick in some cash to have the Viki app stay available and updated for my TV.


Samsung is most likely pressuring developers to update their horribly clucky apps to resemble those on iOS and android. Both HBO and Amazon have conformed. Their apps are ultra-slick. Viki chose not to further invest for a good reason, I assume. The cost must have outweighed its popularity. I guess most people watch Viki dramas on either their PC/laptop or smartphone rather than on their TV. I’m not sure about Roku, though.

You could stream from your phone if it has a Mirror Share option. That’s how I do it, so I can customise my subtitles. Alternatively, you can get yourself an android stick. You just plug it into the back of your TV (via HDMI) and you’re good to go. You’ve turned your TV into a veritable android device. There’s also Roku, of course, but I don’t have any experience with it.

If you want a viki representative to read this, you should post it on the Help Center.

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Irmar: Thank you for your suggestion. I did as you advised and hope to hear from someone and not just corporate blah, blah, blah.


Okay, I’m clueless. What is a mirror share option? doesn’t this leave your devices more vulnerable to hacking?

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Actually No, not unless your home network is compromised, and that’s another issue altogether. (Please check your Wi-Fi password and its strength)

I’m sure you’ve seen this option on your phone or tablet, something called MirrorShare or Multi-Screen or MiraCast or Mirror Screening. These are all the names by which it goes. It does just that: It mirrores the contents of your mobile device unto your TV screen, aspect ratio and everything. It’s like a second screen.

When you first tap on this option, it will first start to scan for your TV. You mentioned you have a Samsung model, so it definitely supports Mirror Screening. On my TV, I have to manually switch the source to enable this, but other sets do it automatically. I think you still have to press OK to confirm, either way.

It’s a viable option. Ask someone who has done this if you’re unsure.

I just read that email! I’m a little upset too. I hate Chromecasting to my tv because it’s a pain to rewind or ff. I loved my Viki app on my Samsung Smart tv. It’s just easier to use. Everything is changing and for absolutely no reason. Oh well.


Don’t smart TVs come with a built-in browser? You can use that to access the full version of Viki’s website. Viki’s video player uses HTML5 so it should work fine. Rewind/FF may be a bit hard to use though.