Images not loading

And I can barely manage my way inside viki webpage :confused:
everything looks messed up :weary:

ok AWESOME I thought this was just me…glad I’m not alone. hopefully Viki can fix this soon!!!

In my case, it’s been bugging since last evening… shouldn’t Viki publish an official statement or tweet something about this issue??? It really bugs me! Last tweet on @vikistatus is from January 11th!!! :angry: :rage:

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Yeess, it doesn’t play properly and keeps blinking, making it hard to sub. I thought it was only me. I wonder whats going on

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Looks like VIKI site has gone totally retro w/ their new look.
This is what the internet used to look like back in the 80’s, when it was all text, HTML hadn’t been invented, and the WWW hadn’t been born yet.

Yeah … I’m getting it too.
Last week the login issue … now this problem with pages not loading properly?
These site glitches are super annoying lately.

I’m glad I’m not smack in the middle of watching some riveting series, or I wouldn’t be feeling so calm right now! LOL

Looks like they know and are working on it

Me,too. I just found this website and intend to register,I love korean drama,but I see nothing after log in, no load image at all. I just have seen ,look ok on mobile only. I have 7 days trial drama, I like to watch on laptop screen but no image loading. Someone can give me any idea how to fix it up? thanks

Glad to know I’m not the only one. It’s weird because the video plays on its page, but refuses to do so in subtitle editor. And this happens on a few of my dramas, while some others work fine.

Hang in there!

It’s just a temporary issue. Give it a couple of days. Viki’s a great site :smile:

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I was having the same problem , but now I cant continue to watch Oh My Venus episode 16 saying its not in my region when I was watching it up until now WHY? please cant leave me hanging

thank you team ! images are there but now I can’t watch OH My Venus stating not in my region but I was watching it for a couple weeks now, is there another glitch? I’m on episode 16 please correct license issues.

i just checked, it is working again!