Images not loading

why is the images on viki not loading?


Im having the same problem, I thought it was my browser, then my internet connection, then my computer but no, it remains the same :frowning: :confused:

oh oh, not good! hopefully this is just a viki issue that is fixable :slight_smile:

same here, some places works, some doesnt, example when i click on my profile.

fortunately i can see the video, but is there a fix for this issue? or do we just wait for it to come back naturally? thx

Same, I barely even managed to login. I can’t even check my messages… bummer :confused: Hopefully Viki fixes it overnight.

i have the same problem :confused:

me too!!! :((((

I’m trying to connect my Roku to my account and I can’t do that either. The whole page is not working.

Yup!! I’m having the same problem for the last 6-7 hours, no images, no videos… please Viki, fix it! :pensive: I feel relieved knowing I’m not the only one. :smirk:

Same here! viki, please fix it. i can’t watch any videos :pensive:

I thought it was just me. I even switched computers. It’s also hard to find episodes too. The layout is messed up.

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I am having the same trouble. Viii is working fine on my laptop and mobile app but not on my tab… I am not sure why… please fix my problem coz I use only my tab to watch dramas on viki

Yeah since last week Viki seems to have some kind of problems. First with login, now with images. Can somebody fix it PLS.

Well it’s not working on mine, nothing but a load links that won’t open. This is the only page that opened for me. Does anyone know what has happened?

As far as I’ve checked:
On Chrome Viki looks like the mobile version with no CSS.
On Firefox it looks normal only with login not working. After you click something it becomes a mess just like in Chrome.
Earlier today the discussions didn’t login too, but the discussions seem OK now.

you can watch dramas but it’s like their entire layout is missing. When I click to sign in the discussions page it sent me to the viki homepage.

ikr viki is having too many issues this week, first the login now this

Awww then the website is having major tech issues…thought it was my browser! funny but I can watch it on my ipad but not my Mac :frowning: …

Is anyone having trouble with the video playing in subtitle editor? I haven’t been able to sub without interruptions for the past few days.

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