Imaginary Crossovers (possible spoilers)

Do you know of that plot device, where a character from one story becomes part of another story’s universe?

If you wrote an episode for your favorite drama, which character of another drama would you invite? How they would fit in the story in a plausible way?

I don’t mean in a Dramaworld or W sort of interaction. What I’m looking for is a situation where the hero makes an overt and totally reasonable and explainable appearance in the other drama, e.g. a specialist that offers services.

I would like to see a Crossover between Beautiful Mind and Uncontrollably Fond. Doctor Lee Young Oh (from BM) would save Shin Joon Young (from UF) with surgery.

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I can’t watch UF, so I don’t know the case, but I agree a doctor would be a believable crossover.

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I’m sorry you can’t watch it.
What would be your crossover?

Secondary characters, mostly.
For example, the head nurse in Descendants of the Sun works at the same cubicle with the nurse from Love me if you dare.
Or, the head eunuch in Masquerade gets hired by the Queen Dowager in Mirror of the Witch.
Also, the manager from You’re beautiful to scout talents in Moorim School.

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