Immortal Samsara - Every Thursday! - NOON MT/8 PM CET AND later at 7 PM MT/3 AM CET


IMMORTAL SAMSARA! 3 episodes every Thursday
Both seasons. All 61 episodes

VIKI LINK will be posted on show days

We live in so many time zones so we are having 2 showings every Thursday! Hopefully one of these times works for you.

Pick your time!
8 PM Central European Time (Noon US Mountain time)
7 PM US Mountain Time = 3 AM CET) (9 PM ET, 8 PM CT, 7 PM MT, 6 PM PT)
or BOTH! :laughing:


Brought to you by :turtle: The Turtle-Flipping Deity Team :turtle: @ Viki

Primary cast members:
Cheng Yi plays 3 characters.
Heavenly Emperor - Qingli - Ying Yuan

Mortal - Taoist Tang Zhou

Asura Leader - Xuan Ye

:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: :fire_engine: :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

Our lovely and lively fairy - Yan Dan (Yang Zi)

Our ever-loyal and loving Little Black fish YuMo (Ray Chang)

The Main bad guy…
And, the beautiful fairy wick that EVERYONE wants to burn - Immortal Fairy Ying Deng (Xu Kai Ning)

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Maybe you guys can make the matinee hours?




would love to! time?? I didn’t see that, season 2??


Who flipped that crocheted turtle!? :turtle: :rofl: btw did you make it? :grinning:


I hope it’s season 1… :thinking:

@porkypine90_261 If I come, it will be on US time. :sweat_smile:
I assume the link will come later?


Season 1, and 2 is combined here on Viki. So, it’s both, and glad I am they did! :turtle::partying_face::partying_face::turtle: See link below. :blush:


Pick your time!

8 PM Central European Time 1 PM US Mountain time
7 PM US Mountain Time = 2 AM CET) (9 PM ET, 8 PM CT, 7 PM MT, 6 PM PT)
or BOTH! :laughing:


Lol I have zero crochet skills. jadeheart, one of our TEs made it. It’s so cute and just a little thing. maybe 3 x 3?


Both season 1 & 2
We start season 1, episode 1 THIS THURSDAY

Pick your time!
8 PM Central European Time (1 PM US Mountain time)
**7 PM US Mountain Time 2 AM CET (Friday) (9 PM ET, 8 PM CT, 7 PM MT, 6 PM PT)
or BOTH! :laughing:


I’ll be there for the European time wp. I’m looking forward to see the series.


thanks for that leerla73


A very little thing, and needs a companion to flip it.

Unless it can do this, wish I could insert the actual gif.


aaaaaaawww y’all thats not funny, at least not to the turtle!


Immortal Samsara Thursday afternoon SHOW - link up now

1 PM MT = 9 PM CET



We finished EP 1 through 4 this afternoon and will run them again later tonight.


7 PM US MT show! Nov 3, 2022
LINK - 7 PM Immortal Samsara link!



Thursday matinee link - NOON MT -


Sorry, life in my part of the world has been pretty crazy since April. Lots of shootings and car crashes in my neighborhood, my municipality messing up my front lawn during sidewalk repair, a neighbor volunteering to help me with yard work pulling up plants and leaving weeds, and endless struggles with getting over COVID (it’s been going on for nine months now).

I can barely keep up with doing English subs for After School Club; I probably won’t make my quota to keep getting Viki free.

It feels like it will be another year before I have free time to have fun with watch parties.