well I do love watching vampire shows, the immortality thing. Just finished watching a show on Drama fever, called Goblin, oh my goodness ! now on viki, behind your smile and and the one my boyfriend or something like that.
one thing I didn’t care about Goblin , they kinda cut down God, I won’t go into a lot of detail. He was called a god btw
anyway the immortality thing is awesome, I’d like to see more of something like this instead of vampires all the time. so my old time favorite “highlander” so was he a god too?
Goblin is a good watch, but beware of some bad stuff at the beginning. and one that some may not be interested, but God is not a mean vicious angry God . still I want to watch this hopefully it will get better God of Vengence, God of death and the girl that was supposed to die at birth, and we have a person that sees ghosts( goblins too) so how can I not watch this?? immortality other than vampires!

While Highlander had certain abilities, his most prominent role was to fight others of his kind to obtain more power until there is only one left in the end.

Goblin, on the other hand, has proper powers. By that I mean he can revive people, controls the weather, moves objects, travels through space and so on. The only power he seems not to have is to travel through time. So, if you put all that together, he seems much more divine that a vampire or Highlander for that matter. Even the Grim Reaper is afraid of him. Hahaha! :laughing:

That depends which religion you belong to, wouldn’t you agree? Besides, our Goblin is far from being mean. Vindictive perhaps, yes.

Truthfully I didn’t think of the other religions, thank you for straightening me out on that one, and so true about our Goblin, so glad to see that guy, was wondering because I haven’t seen him in a what about 4 years. those guys are terrific in my book yeah vindictive, just finished #2 and cool to watch all that lightening & thunder and the rain because of his “mood” and the very ending , just wanted me to wait for the next episode. I love it the way these writers write their stuff on these shows.
point well taken , again thank you is so funny too about the grim reaper afraid of him. now the ending of #2 they work together to save the “bride” wow can’t wait!