Impossible to find an OST, an OP, an END of a K-C-T-J-Drama ? Here maybe u will

Hi !

Quite often, I have a great difficulty finding a specific soundtrack of a drama.
Sometimes no one have upload it on the web, sometine also it’s very difficult to only find the title of the “song”, and etc.
I don’t know if here it’s a good place to post this new topic, but I think that I’m not the only one, who find himself/herself in this very annoying situation.

Thus, here can be the good place for asking to the community a link of an ost or the way to find a song.
Indeed it’s very often more difficult than expected.

(N.B : I think that posting link, it’s not prohibed on viki discussions ?)

For example here :
It’s the Opening of Rakshasa Street (镇魂街), something very difficult to find (i think)


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Why don’t you make this post into a list of links to websites which have OSTs and their lyrics?
I will contribute with those I use regularly:

About naver: as it is in Korean, here is a helpful article which details the steps for searching there.

Well, usually I search at Youtube for OSTs. Here is the link for the second OST of Rakshasa Street. And Bella Pink has lots of OSTs.

The channel from raining16 and XWill have many OSTs, too.

OSTs yes, but OST lyrics is a different thing. Some youtube videos will have a kind heart who translates, some no. Well, probably the original poster wasn’t referring so much to lyrics anyway.