In need of segmenters/subbers for Spanish drama

I am the Spanish and English moderator for this Spanish Telenovela (link below): SECRET LOVE/ AMOR SECRETO

This is a wonderful Spanish drama waiting to entertain viewers of all languages. With the wonderful help of the CM Tishafi and all volunteers willing to help with the segment and subtitles we can get this project going. So, if you can help please contact the CM TISHAFI or me ANGELIGHT/WANDA.

It has come to my attention that some viewers are requesting Arabic subtitles. If you know how to translate from English to Arabic (without the use of a translator please) you are welcome to join the team. So far, 9 episodes are fully translated in English and you can start working on those episodes for now.

I’m pleading for more segmenters to join and help. This is a 150 episode drama and the segments done before had to be deleted and new ones have to be added now so we can add the subtitles. Whether you can segment in the drama or not, will be decided by the CM since I just started training in segging and I have very little knowledge on how that goes. Sorry…;(

There’s also someone requesting help for her German Language Team in the drama. If anyone is interested please contact:

PS. Don’t get scared with the many episodes in the drama. They are not long at all, it’s about 30 minutes long. It’s a slow pace, volunteer work- no rush to work with others that appreciate your help and welcome you with a caring environment. We can work as a Team with respect dedication and understanding.

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Hi! I’m interested in segmenting for you. I recently completed my training and i’m very eager to contribute.
This is the link to my profile:
Thank you for considering me.

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Hi I am interested in segmenting.

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@ rosemarynthyme …Give me a day or two and I’ll let you know when we start working on it. Thanks for your interest. I believe we worked together in Geet…(2nd part?) It was a Tamil language drama right?

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rosemarynthyme…Hi I sent you a PM and received no answer from you (did u get my PM?) we still need more segmenters in the drama.

When you can, will you please let me know your answer. Thank you for your interest in helping and I hope to hear from you soon…:slight_smile:

I am interested. :slight_smile:

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