In reviews - what is the downvote for?

I admit I downvote requests for translations when one star given as a punishment to Viki and/or the subbers - including the Kocowa shows. But this is what I really think. Reviews shouldn’t have up or down votes. Or maybe just up votes. Reviews mentioning subs should be not allowed ever. If there is inappropriate content in a review it should be reported and removed. If someone has written their opinion based on watching the drama they shouldn’t be downvoted just because someone disagrees. If the reviewer disparages the actors, especially how the actual person looks (“She’s too skinny” etc etc) I think that’s inappropriate and should be removed. If someone is concerned about subs they should contact Viki directly - I mean if it’s a real concern. That has nothing to do with reviews.

But when someone leaves a legitimate review it’s always bothered me when a lot of people downvote the review. Then it just becomes a popularity contest. (I’ll only upvote you if I think exactly the same as you. If you have a different opinion I will punish you and publicly humiliate you). Even when I completely disagree with the review I respect that that person is entitled to their own opinion. Isn’t this the whole point of reviews? It’s our personal opinion. I don’t think people’s reviews should be downvoted if our opinion differs from theirs.

But why is the downvote there? What is its intended purpose?


I ranted about that a long while ago bc they always gave a down vote for most of my reviews, and I wrote the same thing ‘‘if I don’t like the drama and I want to say so in the review is my right, and no one should be giving me down vote in my review’’

I deleted most of my reviews back then but now I have a few reviews, and again I have downvotes on them. But I no longer care about the downvotes on my reviews.

Now they mainly use the downvote button so the reviews gets deleted by the moderator. To be honest I never like the review section bc it confuses the reader and malicious ppl write things that can deter the viewer from watching the drama. I stopped reading the reviews and rarely give reviews in the dramas unless, I really love the drama and want to encourage viewers to watch it.

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Down- and up-votes probably were meant to rate the reviews as being helpful to others in making a decision to watch a drama/movie or not.
As I think most of the reviews are not really reviews, this instrument fails to really help. A line like “Oppa is in this drama I am so excited, I will watch it no matter what.”, tells you the drama wasn’t even running - so it’s rather something “pre” and not “re”. Others say other things not related to the content of the drama, some even ask questions …
Yes, the comment section is at another place but some people just scroll down a bit and write without care. Sometimes I wished there was no review section at all, as real reviews, where someone takes some time in writing more than 3 lines, so you really can consider a drama/movie by reading them are so rare, that you might not even find them.
But down- or up-voting a comment, does nothing other than sorting the review when you sort the reviews, that is what I thought but apparently it’s not. It might only be a way to get attention?
Anyway, I agree in one point it is rather useless to up- or down-vote a review. If you think a review is improper, subtitle related only, or for other reasons no review … Read this and decide on what to do in future.

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The upvote/downvote is to mark whether a review is well-done, meaningful, helpful or ridiculous and pointless, whether we think it’s fair, and whether we agree with its contents, writing, presentation.

The fake reviews (those written before airing, those asking for subs or license) should not only be downvoted but also immediately reported. I do it all the time and I am disappointed that in the drop-down menu there is no option to choose “fake review” or “not a review” as a reason, but only “inappropriate content”.
It is also to mark whether we agree or disagree with it.
Why is it a problem to some of you to downvote something if we disagree with it? This is also legitimate. It’s not public humiliation or anything. Absurd!
Upvotes and downvotes shows how many people agree or disagree with you. It means “like” and “dislike” - just as it is on Facebook or youtube or disqus . Can’t I dislike a review which stands for things I hate? Can’t I express my liking to someone who has my same views?
Yes, they have every right to write them, and I have every right to downvote them if I wish to. Why is this bad?

Of course I can like or dislike other things about a review, not only the views expressed. I may dislike the tone, the words, the presentation. Sometimes I downvote a review even when I agree about its content (i.e. the person loved or hated the show as much as I did) but it’s poorly written. Rambling, confused, with no punctuation, lots of emojis and other symbols, bad grammar or typos (there are automatic spellcheckers with most browsers, so there’s no excuse for sloppiness), and you have trouble understanding what this person wants to say. This is lazy and sloppy, and it should be downvoted.
Yes, I understand that not everybody knows how to write well. But you don’t need to write an essay. You can just write a couple of short sentences saying “I liked this a lot, the plot, the acting, everything, but the finale was rushed and non-realistic” or “This show was good, although a bit cheesy, it always put a smile on my face. I’m ready to watch it a second time. Warmly recommended”. And let your number of stars speak.

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Most of the time it doesn’t stand for good or bad, it’s more like: “What you don’t like my Oppa?” I down-vote your review, or even flag it. Well, it makes the instrument pretty useless. I did not change it this is one original review, if it is one …

most of the lower ratings are people complaining about subtitles :weary: please stop giving shows low ratings because of something the show can’t control! just go on the discussion board! ——————
after watching the first four episodes, I’m so lost lol. I just don’t get how this plot seemed logical to the people who wrote it. I’m gonna keep on watching and hopefully it starts making more sense :joy: ——————
creative idea and looks fun! love Sung Hoon on variety shows so i’m excited to see him actually acting :slight_smile:

At the moment it has over 100 up votes and less than 20 down votes. Can you explain to me what the use is? For me it’s rather like judging a comment, it was fun or no fun …

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Well, this person is a fan of the main actor, but, although she felt the drama’s idea was creative and fun, it didn’t deliver after all. Still she’ll continue watching it some more in hopes it improves.
This is probably from “I picked up a celebrity on the street”. I stopped watching it, it was a total waste of time, the plot was a mess and the “actor”… don’t let me started.
So it is sort of a rambling monologue, probably first written after watching the first episode and updated after watching four of them. But it does state her feelings and opinion on the show and it reflects what most viewers felt when watching it, hence the upvotes.

To come to your general thought… Yes, there will be instances when a tool is useless. This doesn’t mean we should throw it away. There are many other times where it is useful.

@irmar You are right about the drama. Then again, I think, the problem is with the person. Just like you said a waste of time to watch the drama. For me it’s a waste of time to look for a review that brings me the information I want. I know the information I want, will not be in the review section of Viki, or it’s like the needle in the … So, I won’t talk about this matter anymore. I need to “waste” my time in another way. See you around.


I only downvote when a review isn’t a review but just a rant about the subs, fangirling for their oppa or whatever. Along with that I report the non reviews as they are against Viki’s review policy.

It’s not to be mean but I want to help getting Viki to either make the review section more accurate or remove it as it doesn’t work as intended.


Exactly @angelight313_168. I agree with you 100%. And you are right - I need to do that too and not care anymore. I don’t really look at those review sections much but occasionally I just get wound up about stuff. It’s not worth it.

Thank you for your response.

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Ah, it could make the sorting of the reviews change - I hadn’t thought of that. I also kind of wish the review sections weren’t there - or that they are not having any voting or any system of rating the actual drama/shows. I really think some people quickly put those nonsense comments to be the first ones to affect the rating of a show - yes that hasn’t even begun.

I will read that policy. I read the one about reporting people but not about the reviews. Thanks for your comment.

Okay. Thank you. It doesn’t matter and my opinions don’t matter. Best wishes and good bye. :cherry_blossom: I don’t belong here anymore. But I hope everyone stays well. :purple_heart:

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What happened, all of a sudden?