Inbox crashes

The Inbox is constantly crashing since one and a half hour. It was frustrating enough that I couldn’t find the Sent PM’s, and had to scroll 47654867532856 hours in search of a PM I sent 5 days ago, but now, as if that wasn’t enough, now, my replies won’t send. I have to refresh the Inbox a thousand times to be able to get in, and when I type in my answer, it won’t send. It just won’t… Does anyone else have the same?..

Inbox was gone earlier today but now I see it again but mainly only if I use the drop down menu via profile with messages and not as before with directly clicking on messages.

I tried to send a ticket yesterday evening, but nothing was working for me, so I thought I would leave it for today… I know the technical complaints don’t belong here anymore, but since the ticketing didn’t work either, I thought I would ask if someone experiences the same, or there’s something wrong with my PC…:slight_smile: