Indie Kpop!

I ABSOLUTELY love these 3 songs I found recently:

anyone know of any similar songs? whether its the artists, sound, etc.!! Any suggestions would really be appreciated, I am willing to try anything!


there are alot of kindie,
standing egg
:slight_smile: enjoy

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Akdong musician has many pretty good songs. Apart from 200% I absabsolutely love Melted. It touches my heart. You should hear it if you haven’t.

And IU I ppretty much recommend every song of hers. I just love her music.

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You should watch Plus nine boys, it’s full of k-indie music!

You’ll love Clazziquai. They have so many good songs :smile:

thanks so much for the suggestions guys!! I love trying out new artists :smile:

if you wanna know some good k indie artist my korean friend talk me about “Broccoli you too” they are good !

I love music like that. (Is that Baro in the second MV? I Love B1A4!)
I actually listen to a lot of Infinite’s music and they have an R&B sort of classical sound.
Here are a few songs by them that I love listening to. I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but I hope you check them out cuz I think they’re amazing.
The song that started it all is Before the Dawn-great song and great choreography (the one below).
And lastly if you have a few moments of your precious time to spare, we’re trying to increase the views for this MV to 2M. Please help out by watching it if you can. I love the song by Sunggyu (leader of Infinite-in case you were unfamiliar).

what are the name of them I cant see the name of the songs because I accidently blocked you tube and I cant figure out how to unblock it on my computer :smile:

You mean the names of the songs from the first comment from lolaloveskdrama?
AKMU “200%”
SoYou “Some”
High 4, IU “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom”
The other comment (from RoseB) had these:
Clazziquai Project “Still I’m By Your Side”
Clazziquai Project “Android”
Clazziquai Project “Call Me Back”

i love k-indie, my favs;

nell, raspberry field, peppertones, no reply, adultchild, bluedawn, casker, coffee boy, dear cloud, fanny fink, humming urban stereo, j rabbit, lucid fall, lucite tokki, mate, royal pirates, sesame and cotton candy, sweden laundry, urban zakapa, vanilla acoustic, vodka rain, winterplay, zitten

i also rec;
10cm, acoustic collabo, broccoli you too, bye bye sea, cheeze, clazziquai project, deb, deli spice, donawhale, electric eels, epitone project, espresso, every single day, glen check, hee young, hot potato, huckleberry finn, ibadi, j-cera, leesa, m signal, mintgray, misty blue, neon bunny, ran, standing egg, taru, tete, the melody, the tourist, tokyo girl, yozoh

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Indie Kpop I’m currently listening to:

It’s rare to like all the songs in 1 playlist, but I like all the songs in these playlists:

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