Insect detective

I am curious, what other detective show used insects to solve crimes? now not sure it was an American drama or another. I think it was a forensic-type drama, the guy was fascinated by bugs and all.
By the way, this is a neat drama, #1 &2 just got onto the second one. the guy that played on DR Qin mind reader is one of the stars. matter of fact I thought it was another segment of Dr Qin. y’all its really good.


I watched an American detective show about a group of anthropologists and an FBI agent who solved murders together. One of the scientists on the anthropologist team was an entomologist (insect specialist), if I’m not mistaken. His analyses helped solve a lot of mysteries concerning the time of death and some other crime details. The show is called “Bones”.


not sure that’s the one, but Bones was a great one too! thanks for your input


FOUND IT!! CSI CRIME scene, Grissom was the guy.

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I haven’t watched this one. I’ll give it a try, thank you! :orange_heart:


check YT another one comes up to play it, oh and its seasons 1 &2 Insect Detective is really a good one to watch