I don’t know what the instruments are called , but they are played by geshuas(?) in historical dramas. are they still played now, today? It seems I saw a drama where they had a contest in playing those instruments. does anyone know the drama? those instruments look facinationg as well, 12 strings maybe? just wondering

Hi Mary, you might think about HEARTSTRINGS …

I think Gayageum is the name of the instrument.

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Gayageum,Yeah! and heart strings? hmmm, I will check that out. that instrument has such a neat sound! oh and thank you,

yep thats it!! a good watch too. I will do that now. again thanks

started watching heartstrings! awesome! the actress just finished playing itn the doctors crush! loved it. back to heartstrings, yep thats the one I wanted to see! a wonder if those instruments are played elsewhere other than the dramas, guess I will look into that today. again thanks for the tip.

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