Interested in a Watch Party?


If you’re viewing this then you’re prolly bored and want to find some people to binge with. Well this is the correct place. Just paste your links here and invite people to watch your fav dramas, no matter the type. I’m sure you’ll find someone with the same taste as yours❤


Anyone online interested for a watch party?
Drama: Happiness
Episode: 1
Language: English sub


Watch party ended :grimacing:


Hey, @crackheadofficial_01 It’s 1 AM US Mountain time and we are starting Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly King in a few minutes.

Join us!


We do a lot of watch parties and there’s a discord group that they are all posted, let me know if you want an invite and I’ll try to figrue out how to do it. (Thanks Porky)

A lot are posted here too, but not all.


Here you go! Invitatoin to discord drama lovers group -

New here wanna make friends and have watch parties

Hey, now I do see your watch party on the homepage, even though it’s ended


Really? It should have exited the home page once I ended the WP.


It’s gone now though :blush:
At the time of my last message, yours was the first WP in the list.


Sure sweetie I’d love to :relaxed:


Thank you so much for the invite :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Here’s a permanent link invite to the Discord @porkypine90_261 created for Watch Parties.


They expire are 5 to 7 days.