Interested in Namgoong Min's Newest Drama FALSIFY?

SBS’s “Falsify” stars Uhm Ji-won (Missing, Woman Who Married Three Times), who returns to the small screen as Kwon So-ra, a prosecutor who is very good at her job. Namgoong Min (Chief Kim) was cast as Han Moo-young, a journalist bent on avenging his older brother who died while trying to report corruption. Yoo Joon-sang (Pied Piper) plays Lee Seok-min, a dedicated reporter who teams up with Oh Yoo-kyung (Jeon Hye-bin – Woman With a Suitcase).

For fans who haven’t heard about the drama yet.
SBS’s “Falsify” premieres on July 24, 2017.
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After watching “I Can Hear Your Heart” (2011), I became a fan of Namgoong Min. Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching his acting in 14 different dramas. But, after seeing his performance in “The Girl Who Sees Smells” I noticed an marked improvement in the delivery of his characters. Namgoong Min definitely has a flair for playing “extreme” characters. But, so far my favorite remains “Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim”.

For those of you who are fans of “We Got Married”, did you see the episodes with Namgoong Min and famous trot singer Hong Jin-young? They were adorable together.

“Falsify” will tell the story of reporters who unveil the reality of society’s absurdities. Namgoong Min plays the role of Han Mu-young, a trouble-making journalist. Han Mu-young seeks justice and revenge after a senior journalist he was close to is falsely accused of corruption and passes away. ~ Soompi

I’m excited to see what Namgoong Min “brings to the table” in the journalistic drama “Falsify”.


I loved him as the villain in both Girl Who Sees Smells and Remember… Dear Fair Lady Bong Shim Is my favorite too since he is so great at comedy and romance and I had 2nd lead syndrome in Secret Hotel since he was a better choice than the lead who was boring and of course his abs were beautiful too… The only show of his I didn’t finish was Unemployment Romance because the lead female character was written so annoying and loud

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For me too… It was in Can You Hear My Heart that I started paying attention to him.
BTW, I just posted the first teaser for Falsify.

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First teaser? Great, I’ll go watch. Thanks.

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Unfortunately Viki didn’t get the license even though I sent a request like most people… I have watched the first 3 episodes on another site and it’s name is changed to Distorted and it is really good so far… All I know about the mystery bad guy with the tattoo is that he has to be about 6 feet tall or more since he is taller than Nam Goong who is 5’ 10

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I’ve only watched trailers, but in the night-time scene where Namgoong Min was beaten and was lying on the ground with his back against the wall, the back of the [supposed] assailant was shown walking away, I was sure that was Jung Suk-won. He had a cameo in “Circle” and was also in “Mr Baek”. I don’t remember seeing a tattoo, so I may be thinking of another bad guy.

I was hoping he would take the used cigarette the man dropped on the ground and get his DNA from it but if course it was raining so it may have washed off his saliva and fingerprints… I looked at all the actors photos on 1 site and only about 2 guys were 6 feet tall and another site I looked up the actors but it only shows the names but I didn’t want to search all 50 people… Lol… His name might be on that list…sometimes dramas hide the bad guys name so you won’t know who it is like the movie Seven with Kevin Spacey

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