Interesting coincedences

Queen In Hyuns Man, Prince on the roof top, love from the stars

my favorites, but I didn’t see a similarity. the girls were trying to be actresses! I am watching Queens man again and was thinking about how similar they were! and in the same time period, 300 years ago? cool, interesting is all. still love the costumes too. past to future stuff too. LOVE IT! I know there are others , just these 3 is what I am looking at for now. , I don’t know about faith or Dr Jin. and if I recall conspiracies in their times too. would love to see more of dramas like these

The Legend of the Blue Sea.

I enjoyed Faith, but Dr. Jin so much. Dr. Jin was so bad that subbers started dropping like flies and in the end, there were only 2 subbers, including me, left to complete the series. lol

Saimdang, The Light’s Diary will also have some type of Time Travel component. It’s the new drama to follow “The Legend of the Blue Sea,”
I’m sure there are more. Can’t remember right now.


isn’t that the one about the portrait? didn’t know it was going to be some time travel. Can’t wait for it to start. I am sure there are more just like you ,can’t remember them at this time.

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so thats why Dr jin , I know I didn’t ever finish watching it because of not being subbed. So was it ever finished? yeah Legend of the blue sea is awesome! I haven’t seen the ending yet, but hope I am not disappointed in it. oh ! 9 I think it was called. Maryan & the magistrait I didn’t spell that right.thats just 2 I can recall at this time.
I have seen commercial about 11/26/63(I think) wonder if thats a time travel, y’know trying to stop something from happening before it happens?? thats on Hulu. sorry got off the subject there.

We have completed subbing Dr. Jin when it aired. It should be subbed at 100%.

ok! I will finish watching it then! ok and thanks for your subbing too,

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I have just started watching Saimdang oh the first episode was great! going to the second one in a bit.

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Scarlet Heart Ryeo is wonderful and had great actors…

Ones with time travel to Joseon era:

Orange Marmalade (vampires and time travel)
Splish Splash Love

Time travel other times
Nine: time travels
Best Hit
One More Time (same day repeating)
Tomorrow with You

Joseon time era

Arang and the Magistrate
Scholar Who Walked the Night
Moon Embracing the Sun
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Gu Family Book
Shine or Go Crazy