Interesting projects/dramas/something to talk about

hello, i am quite bored and i was wondering if anyone has an interesting drama suggestion or a project i can get involved in (i can edit from korean to english and segment) or if anyone just had something interesting to say. pls reply T-T

Nothing interesting really… I just can start with a “Hi”

Felt bad ignoring a post I hate that…

So did you find sth to do ? :slight_smile: or what kind of dramas do you like ?

Hi! :smile:
Drama suggestion: Let’s eat, My love from the star!!! you will love it!!, Bad Boy, King of Dramas, City Hall, I Do I Do, Secret Garden, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Secret Garden, Personal Taste, Faith, Flower Boy Next Door, The innocent man, Master’s Sun!!!, When a Man Loves.

Hi @sujidewang! I can suggest the following dramas for you to translate Korean to English: (Episodes 58-59, 63-64, 71) (Episodes 12-20) (Episodes 11, 20, 23-51)

I hope you find them interesting! There is definitely a user who would love to see completed subtitles for “I Love You, Don’t Cry” :smiley:

If you need to practice subtitling, I would recommend going to Specifically, this video will show you how to subtitle. A helpful tip is that when you’re in the subtitle editor, check the bottom left corner for how many parts the episode has.

Important: Please remember to contact the Channel Manager before subtitling on the specific Channels!

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