Invisible timed comments

(again, no bug category)

I can’t see some of the timed comments in various episodes. Is it a bug or a matter of moderation?

Maybe too many comments, so they are not visible all at once, since the eye couldn’t follow the pace anyway?


It could be that there aren’t a lot, jus a few timed comments. Only by accessing the channel and the option to moderate timed comments one can say if there are many or not, and if there are many, it’s “just” another bug going on here.


When this happens and I’m interested in the comments, I sometimes…don’t judge me here everybody…simultaneously watch on the TV/laptop and tablet/phone. That way you get a nice big screen but can also see all the comments in the side window.

It would be nice if there were some kind of way to filter out or downvote uninteresting comments (requests for subtitles, totally irrelevant comments, really mean things about actors’ appearances, etc) so that the funny/interesting/informative/non-mean comments were more visible.


I can see the markers on the timeline, therefore comments exist. I see the marker but not the corresponding comment. When lines are about 1mm apart, comments do disappear, I suppose it is like you said: they overlap. However, this happens even when the lines are more than 1cm apart.

I would like to filter out the comments about subtitles, but if it is not possible I’d rather see all the comments than miss the “gossip”. I don’t enjoy watch parties, I like the comments better. In some dramas I need extra information and in other dramas I just enjoy the brainstorming and the new ideas that turn up in the comments.

I’d like to be able to see all the comments, just in case I didn’t appreciate a detail in a good script or some good editing that showcases the writing.


That happens sometimes when I watch too. What I do is I click somewhere in the right corner where the tc icons should be (usually they also disappeared) and after that I can see the tc’s just fine.

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