Inviting Hindi Translators for "About Youth" Short Series

Interested volunteers can DM me directly. Happy Subbing!

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Je suis à la recherche de projet, je peux traduire :
anglais --> français
hindi / urdu --> français
hindi/urdu --> anglais

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Hello, i would like to do the subtitling for the drama in hindi, i promise i won’t let the team down

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Hi Priya,

The About Youth series is almost done. But I have other series where you can participate.

School 2021
From Now On, Showtime!

Hey, do you still require translators for the shows mentioned? I was previously a translator for Love Revolution (2020).
(my viki id - how_ )

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Glad to hear from you!

I have following open dramas:

History 5: Ongoing, can assign 2 parts
About Youth : All released, 1 part only
From Now On, Showtime! : All released, can assign 1 part

Let me know if any of these spark interest in you

Happy Subbing!

Hello there!

I am perhaps a well-versed person in the language of Hindi and would love to contribute my skills to subtitle shows. I want to start this subtitling journey from somewhere but I am not sure how to. If you could help me in getting a project, it would be really helpful.


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Hi Arexx,

You can get familiar with the series School 2021. Only 1 part of the special episode is available so you can freely work on it and get familiar with the process. Or here are some other options that you can choose from:

From Now On, Showtime!: All released
History 5: All released

Let me know what you think!

Happy Subbing!

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Hey mini,
Firstly, thank you so much for replying to my silly text. Your reply was such a relief after facing all the rejections from other mods because of my inexperience in subbing and they’re also correct at their places.
I would like to start with School 2021 since only 1 part is remaining, so I can get familiar easily with the subbing process. Additionally, I would also like to apply for From Now On, Showtime!
Thanks and regards

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Let’s do that then :slight_smile: