iQIYI dramas will finally be available with subs?!

I wanted to share this news I just read about with you:

Let’s all restart sending license requests for those iQIYI dramas we’d love to see! Maybe there’s a chance now for Viki to get them! :smiley:


these are big news indeed. If open to international fans, I would be open to getting an iQIYI account if they start subbing their content. They get license to a lot of dramas, I want to watch. That would be great. I know iQIYI reached a deal with Netflix recently, so I wonder if they want to reach out to the international market.

I noticed a lot of online streaming services like Tencent are opening their videos to fan-subs in youtube. They are essentially replacing what Viki does, so it is probably harder for Viki to get license to some dramas. However, I have been disappointed that they keep getting C and D list cdramas instead of saving for A list dramas.


I hope it’s not like QQ or what that site is called, that wants to load tons of scripts from who knows whom and then wanted to download something or other. Triggered all my iffy-ness sensors.

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