Is anyone else upset about the new translations

Idk why but the new translators are taking away the cultural differences that people are able to learn through subtitles, especially in K-dramas. When I started Viki in 2017 they didn’t do that, you could enjoy and learn cultural difference when watching a K-drama but now they’ve Americanized it all so no more learning for newcomers.


You should take a look at the paid subber overwriting thread. It summarizes how many of us feel.


Not sure if the post will stay but I screenshotted it just incase you need the photos


I am afraid it has a lot to do with the already pre-subbed English dramas that viki is bringing to us lately.

Let me be honest and tell you that it was much better when our viki volunteers translated EVERYTHING from 0. It was so special and detailed, it surely made a huge difference among other internet sites. But now everything feels the same somehow. I guess it is something so precious that viki is losing every time a pre subbed English project comes licensed to us.
Nothing volunteers can do to change things the way they were before. I’m afraid it has to do with the licenses acquired recently.

Let’s wait and see how things go from now on.:roll_eyes:


Some conversations that took place outside Viki in those old days, I thought others would love to go through these and know about opinion of people we don’t quite usually see.

Well… but these were written in those good old days when Viki was Viki and not Asian Netflix.

I have always loved Viki translations – they even helped me pick up lots of Korean words and grammar.


It depends on the drama that you are watching – the drama may be uploaded already subbed in English, or may be heavily subbed by paid subbers because viki staff thought the volunteers were not fast enough. The dramas may be edited by people who only consider the English sub and are unable to refer to the original Korean to consider alternative, more appropriate translations. Or there may be translation editors who are not completely fluent in both English and Korean. And yes, there often is a tendency to Americanize/ vanilla-ize in the pre-subbed dramas or ones with high percentage paid subber lines. For example, there is a Korean saying “If I had ten mouths, I couldn’t say anything” will be subbed as "I’m speechless. Or a Korean saying “trying to hide the sky with your two hands” results in "I’m embarrassed.“It’s darkest under the lamp” becomes “It’s obvious.”


You hit the nail on the head.:hammer:


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I find the same being done in the Chinese dramas, it’s so difficult to enjoy a show when it’s riddled with such poor levels of workmanship. :smirk:
Ha! My fingers :point_right:t5: is always ffwding. :dash::dash::dash:

These posts expresses my view also :point_up:t5:! - Such a pity the thread is closed. :weary:
Joongkijunkie’s :blush:

adrianmorales’s :blush: - hit the nail on the head.

cgwm808’s :blush: - Well said!


Thank you for all you do in subbing. I have learned so much about the culture and language from watching dramas translated by VIKI. I have noticed a difference in subtitles recently and was sad about it. I am sorry that your hard work was written over.


It’s @cgwm808’s work, yes, it is such a terrible thing happening to the work done by passionate volunteers, of over the many years.

I am currently on episode 2 of Woori the Virgin. The first episode, kind of thrashed around to find it’s footing, but part way through it picked up traction, and I’m not only enjoying this drama, the subtitles are educational, I just learned that Woori sounds like uliui 우리의, ulileul 우리를 in Korean, meaning our, or us! Thanks to :cherry_blossom:The Unexpected Surprise volunteer team.:cherry_blossom: :blush:


Moreover, in my language (french), I have seen a lot of mistakes that are literally horrific!
I don’t know who checked the translation but I don’t think it was a good job…


Je pense que tu ne sais pas comment fonctionne Viki. Les traductions sont faites mais il faut quelqu’un pour les corriger. Peut-être que sur le drama que tu regardes l’éditeur n’est pas encore passé ou qu’il est décalé par rapport aux traductions ou pire peut-être qu’il n’y en a pas. Il n’y a pas des milliers de personnes qui traduisent sur Viki en français et personne n’est parfait donc les fautes ne peuvent être évitées. Je te conseille de contacter le modérateur de la série que tu regardes et de lui faire part de ce manque de bonnes corrections des sous-titres. Bonne continuation, on salut quand même le travail des équipes de traduction. Sans ça personne ne regarderait de drama. Quel dommage.


Another issue is Viki is increasingly getting “English only” licenses for content. These programs and/or films come with content provider subs of varying levels of quality and attention to cultural nuances. Viki volunteers are not allowed to edit or translate this content due to license restrictions. So far, the “English only” has been limited to Korean content, but today I just saw one for Chinese content.


I believe this show has been translated or transcribed by Viki’s paid subbers.

At times I see bad subtitles like typos and wrong formatting and sometimes bad segments like flash segments. Some shows are later edited by volunteers.

LIWITS(tars) apparently shows also subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese not only in English. - It is evident that more and more shows and movies are being translated like this, meaning that opportunities for volunteers are shrinking.


Yes, I just saw that Spanish and Portuguese have been added along with English to “Love Is Written in the Stars.” The “English only” has been removed.I agree with you that this project is being translated by Viki paid subbers. There is no Team information, so I do not know if volunteers will be allowed to edit this drama later or not, or if additional languages will be allowed to sub this drama in future.
Opportunities for volunteers are definitely shrinking.


I think this is pretty much the whole situation. It is not really about quality, it’s only about speed. We would be faster, but we have jobs and we need the money.


I’m sure you are correct that speed is the motivating factor. I just hope that volunteers will be allowed to work on the projects later, after all episodes have been posted.

When no one is watching anymore… :cry:

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