Is Chromecast and mobile app being blocked since today?

Yes Viki I already made a ticket this morning: #899797

Yesterday I was enjoying casting stuff on my TV by using my mobile phone so I could switch off my mac. Went to sleep and this morning I wanted to continue watching the drama so I tried to cast it on my tv. Nope won’t work. Tried again later… Still nothing. I was like ohh dear I hope my chromecast isn’t broken, what a relief all other casting apps like youtube work just fine while Viki remains not working.
Or actually the video loads in my app but as soon as I hit cast it goes like no my friend that ain’t gonna work for you!:smiling_imp:

Then I rolled out of bed to switch on my imac and tried to cast from there. Hey that works! So I tried to cast with my mobile app… no my friend :smiling_imp:

This evening I was like hey will it work with my Ipad? I switch it on and try to cast. Here you go my friend: Video failed to load. Error code: 30 :smiling_imp:

Ok how to solve this… let’s go to the help center:

Aha so it’s either a license issue or something to do with my phone/ipad?! But why won’t it work on my Ipad anymore and my Huawei P10 lite which was working just fine yesterday before I went to sleep. There was no update at night so it should work.

Yes I tried to reboot, reinstall aps, log out - log in… no my friend I ain’t gonna work, screw you idiot! :smiling_imp:

Really Viki?! Are you kidding me?!

Not working for me either. Worked ok yesterday. Tried rebooting phone =nope
Tried reboot chromecas3 =nope
Tried factory reset on chromecast=nope
Tried using galaxy tablet to cast= nope
Tried downloading the beta viki app to see if its the viki =nope

Waated 40 minutes fiddling with app and wifey ready to use me as punch bag.

What’s going on?

Good to know it’s not just me.
Please file a help request too if you didn’t already so Viki can see there are more people having this issue:

Done. Let’s hope it’s gets fixed soon .

Same video failed to load message. Error code 30. Cannot cast to TV from iPhone or iPad using Chromecast. Chromecast is working with other apps.

Does this bring any new suggestion for your problem?
The put up something about Chromecast issues an hour ago.

It’s working again. I tweeted them yesterday after filing my ticket at the help center. Then they replied and asked for more info. I was like I gave you my ticket number, just check that and fix.

Good to know it’s fixed now.

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