Is it true that kim bum and Moon Geun young are dating?
i just found this and dont know if its true or not … do you know something about this ?


Thank you ! @Maxup

I’m so glad that he actually did got the girl!!! I had such a bad second lead syndrome with Goddess of fire, Good she did has sense in real life lol

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@Niennavalar Same here haha

i just asked because i want to make it sure? Did i ever said that i don´t want them to be together? no. so calm down… @louise_austin

I’m sorry if I gave you the idea that I was upset. I thought the point of your discussion posting was to get others’ thoughts about it. There no way that I at any time was attempting to hurt your feelings or judge you. It was just my opinion. So again I’m sorry if there any harsh feelings that I you thought I expressed in my reply. If I see any other discussions from you I will not reply. To be honest I’m a little shock by your response to me. Please remember I response to your discussion because I thought it was interesting. As for the fact you think I should calm down please remember that everyone’s opinion differences with each one of us. So I will delete my reply if I can. I wish you only peace and joy for your life.
Again, I’m sorry if my opinion make you think I need to calm down. I thought that this site was about learning other people’s thought processes. I DELETE MY INITIAL REPLY TO YOU.* So after you read this response please delete it too. Have a nice bless day. Even God allows us to express our opinions.

I totally misunderstood the title for your topic ;“Is it RIGHT that Kim Bum and Moon Gun Young are dating.” For a second, I thought you meant that is it a good OR bad thing that they got together…LOL ( my bad)

yeah sorry it was my fault that i made the wrong question and sorry to for the misunderstanding…
Have a nice evening

hahahah @chizzygirl sorry its my fault the question was wrong but yeah now i know that the news are true