Is Mnet's "Build Up" going to be available on Viki?

Yeah, so I was wondering if Mnet’s new survival show is going to be on here in the next coming days.
I would assume it would be as Boys’ Planet is available (being the previous survivial show they hosted) but then again I haven’t seen any trace of it.
This is also a partial rant to how Mnet distributes these shows, they know that they have an international following but make the content inaccessible after the premeire of the stream on YT - people have lives and sometimes can’t take the time to watch it at 10-12pm KST.


I would also like to know if Mnet’s “Build Up” survival show will be available on Viki. I agree, not sure why Mnet makes it so difficult to watch their shows. You would think that especially for these type of shows, the more folks that watch the better. Our family watched the first I-Land on Viki back when and now my daughter is a fan of Enhyphen. So people who watch the show can become lasting fans.