Is there a way to upload cover pages right from my computer?

I don’t really want to use a file storage site to upload cover pages… is there any way to upload pictures right from my computer onto the cover page editor? I tried using copy-paste - it shows in the editor, it also saves the edits, but it doesn’t show up in the preview.

Is it because of the image size? I used 950 x 2160 and the file size is less than 400 kB.

@rose_shn might know…

Uploading a picture onto a third party site is not a long term solution. There are many cases where such cover arts have disappeared, leaving only broken links.


Thank you!! I searched through previous posts with all sorts of keywords… wonder why I didn’t see that :sweat_smile:

I’m not getting error messages - thats why I got even more confused over what the actual problem was with my pictures

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I always upload cover pages right from my computer. Because third-party sites often close down, or your membership expires, and you don’t even know it, but all your pictures become a grey blank broken link.
If yours is less than 400 kb then you should be fine. But not with copy paste. By clicking the picture button on the editor.
You get a window telling you whether you want to give it the URL (in case it’s somewhere on the web), or to upload (in case it’s in your computer). Choose “upload”

cover%20page%2002 "
Then it will make you browse through your computer to find the file, and then you must click on “Send it to the server”.

Send it to the server" means to the Viki server. And, if you notice, afterwards, the URL of the picture is a Viki address. That’s why it has a limit of 400 k.


I’ve only created two cover pages, and I also use Viki’s server so that the information stays on Viki’s site and does not get lost. When I was doing some trial-and-error experimenting to see what maximum size image file Viki accepted, it seemed that the file needed to be under 300kB.

Also, the maximum display width that Viki uses is 800 pixels so if you upload an image that is larger in width, simply put “800” in the “Width” box (shown in Irmar’s post) and the height will adjust proportionally. Do this after you have uploaded the image and before you click “OK”. If you want a border around your image, an easy way to accomplish this is to make the image less than 800 px wide (e.g. 750).


Ahh I think I found the problem - the updates seem to take some time to be visible on the main page. I panic when I don’t see the changes I’ve made but then it’s visible after a (very long) while.

Also, how do you change the background color?

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Hi @vivi_1485

When I use the “Inspect” option in Firefox on your cover page, it says the width is 750px. This explains the edges. There are 25px on each side.



Yes… I often have to wait overnight for an update to appear.

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On the image below…

  1. Click on “Source” in the Cover Page HTML editor

  2. Add the line I’ve labeled #2 exactly as its written. The hexadecimal number #ffefde is the colour. Look up the hexadecimal value for the colour that you want and then use this format. It’s important that the # begins the colour (that is #hexadecimalcolor).

  3. At the very end of the HTML code add < /div > (#3).
    This is the very last thing on the page. Just one is needed.
    It is the ending for the < div style… > at the beginning for the b’ground colour.
    It’s much the same as < i >text< /i >



Thank you so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I was using the < body > function instead of < div >


My images didn’t work until I followed your advice and now they do