Can one upload cover art images on Viki?

…or let me rephrase the question.

What does the button “Send it to the server” mean, when I get the dog error and it still asks for an URL?

Do I absolutely HAVE TO upload cover art on a personal account for image storage? :unamused:

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The internal error (with the dog) means that the size of your image is too big.
I don’t know what is the maximum size but according to that article it could be 400 Ko.

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I’ve tried, I split the picture into 4 artboards, each under that limit, and still get the error :disappointed:

It sounds like it’s still too big.

What I suggest is to keep reducing the file size until you find a size that uploads. A little while back, I was using trial and error to try and work out the maximum file size. From that, I got the impression that it was around 300 kB.

For my cover page on…

…the image is JPG and 273 kB.

Also, try compressing the image using webP format. I use IrfanView (freeware) to convert from jpg to webp. WebP reduces a jpg filesize by about 30%.

Lastly, when you successfully upload, if you set the “Width” (highlighted below) to 800, it will fill Viki’s coverpage in the “across” direction. The “Height” will scale automatically when you change the width.


Hope this helps.


Thank you! :blush:

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