Is There any way to translate dramas to Haitian Creole?

I can speak and understand 3 languages. English, French and Haitian Creole. I am currently a contributor for French to English translations. I was watching a drama and my mom wanted to watch it with me BUT she doesn’t really read English well or French that well. She can read Haitian Creole SO I got to thinking. Is There any way to translate dramas to Haitian Creole? It would really help me because it would be something me an my mom could do together.

For any channel Managers out there !!!

When you get a channel page is Haitian Creole one of the languages you can add for volunteers to translate to?

For Haitian Creole Speakers !!

If Haitian Creole translations were available, Would you be willing to contribute?

(Sorry for the long post everyone )

You said you translate from French to English, then you should be able to scroll through the available languages there. To make it short Haitian Creole is available.

Maybe some translations here, not sure if fully translated …

I am no Haitian Creole speaker, so can’t be of help in that way. Good luck!

I have a suggestion for you. If there’s a drama you’d like to translate, contact the Channel Manager and request to translate as a subtitler in Haitian Creole without a Moderator. This will benefit you in two ways. One by becoming experienced and second, grooming yourself for becoming an Other Language Moderator in the future. the more you are seen other subbers will come forth who didn’t see their language listed before.

I am the moderator for three project for Haitian creole right now if anyone is interested just contact me.