Is This What They Call A Purge ?!

From Healer and Queen for 7 Days to Lovely Horribly and Matrimonial Chaos to everything in-between, it looks as though KBS is suddenly removing their licences from Europe and probably other regions too. It’s horribly disappointing alright, but certainly not lovely. :tired_face::confounded::disappointed:

My two cents on the matter:
Either they want European cable operators to handle their dramas exclusively…
Or they plan to release KOCOWA – like the main service, not the Viki pass – in Europe.

I will leave Viki if that happens, since I’m not into the millions of Chinese dramas that they’ve put on lately. Kdramas are the ONLY reason why I subscribed. What’s the point now?! Sheesh… :rage::sob::cry:


Like I was saying all along this was all planned and is here now. It’s their way of trying to make lots of more money by forcing people (subscribers) to pay more for certain services in order for them to be able to see the dramas they like/love. Now, all of a sudden all this good dramas are no longer licensed in Europe? Just like that?

I believe their plan all along was to release KOCOWA as the main service in Europe. I just hope they respect subscribers enough and charge them a decent price, and especially offer a variety of decent amount of great dramas, too.

Good Luck my dear viki friend. I hope we can stay in touch here as always. Keep me posted.

PS I finally saw Cain and Abel and I’m please to say I finally saw that beautiful smile SJS has and so lovey dovey scenes with the main/guide girl. I don’t like mustache in man but this guy looks so much better and sexy with it but he keeps taking it off! Thank you for mentioning this drama to me bc I was never planning on watching it, and it was so worthwhile!


What you described sounds like how the downfall of DF started. Damn. If Netflix continues to drive up the cost of cable dramas and Kocowa continues to hoard their licenses for their own streaming service, Viki will go the way of DramaFever within a year. I kinda figured DF and Viki would suffer because of Kocowa. This is crazy.


I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to watch Kdrama on those nasty sites, with the get rich ads. Maybe I’ll actually make it big, like they say, so I can start my own streaming service. How’s that? :confounded::sweat_smile::cry:I

I’m glad you’ve watched Cain and Abel. It’s a drama of Shakespearean proportions.

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For the first time in my life I was very pleased with the ending and who stayed with who. I can’t believe I watched this drama in 2018, when it was done back in 2009. lol