Issues with player?

So I realize after I watch one episode of any given show on Viki or even click it and refresh the page it says that there is an issue and come back later. I have tried many web browsers is this issue happening to others?

Only with eps which are just uploaded.
If this happens with every episode write the help center.

Okay because I was just watching here on viki fine like three days ago and now all of a sudden there are these issues saying it can’t load and some of the older shows will work for 1 video then I refresh and it gives the error or if I choose the next episode. Very weird but , I have contacted support for some answers. In USA located in California btw, no issues until like I said about 3 days now.

It the licence is ok, then yes, you need to write to the help center. If you have error messages on your screen, take a picture of your screen with a print screen and join it to your request. Add as much information as you can, like which episode worked, on what show, and same thing for the shows that did not work properly. It will be faster since they need those infos to look into the problem.
Good luck!